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Getting tuned in to Gloucester

Gloucester is a city in the Southwest part of England and was founded in 97 AD by the Romans. It’s one hundred thirty-nine miles from the Medusa Juice Vape Shop in Peterborough and one hundred seventy or so miles from the King’s Lynn shop. An easy and scenic drive to either, you can take some time to stop in and load up on all of your favourite e-liquids, equipment and clothing while seeing historical Gloucester.
After the Romans left the area, Gloucester returned to the Celtic Dobunni Tribe. The Dobunni were also referred to as the “Tribe of Witches’ because their name seems derived from a word meaning ‘vessel’ or ‘cup’ and they were believed to be followers of a Goddess. The Saxons captured Gloucester in 577 and the Abbey of St Peter was founded there in 681 by Aethelred.
After the Norman Conquest, William Rufus made Robert Fitzhamon the first overlord and baron of Gloucester. Gloucester was later a centre of support for Empress Matilda who had a claim to the throne and eventually married Henry I of England.

Historical happenings

King Henry II later granted the city its first charter in 1155 and by the middle ages, Gloucester had a significant amount of monasteries. By then, the main export of the area was wool, then leather and iron. Gloucester also had a large fishing industry and in 1223 thatched roofs were banned after a horrific fire devastated the town. The siege of Gloucester in 1643 was a battle of the English Civil War that the Parliamentarians emerged victorious from and is still celebrated as a part of the Gloucester history. The Parliamentarians held out against the Royalist troops and eventually counted it a victory. Gloucester is one of the few cities in England which has two coats of arms.
Depending on where your interests lie, you can find plenty to satisfy them in Gloucester and don’t forget that you’re still within a lovely drive’s distance to visit one of the Medusa Juice Vape Shops in King’s Lynn, Peterborough or Norwich. There, you can load up on all of your favourite e-liquids, equipment and clothing.

Fun for the family

If you want to see one of the most studied cathedrals in architecture, the Gloucester Cathedral is there waiting for you to visit. People all over the world study it for many reasons and rather it’s for required study or you just want to see a beautiful building, I can highly recommend it.
Some of the other points of interest are The Gloucester Docks, Great Witcombe Roman Villa, St Michael’s Tower and Ashleworth Tithe Barn. You may also want to include a visit to Blackfriars, Llanthony Secunda Priory, and Greyfriars.
In the museum department, you have a host to choose from. Some of these are Jet Age Museum, Soldiers of Gloucester Museum, Gloucester Life Museum and Museum of Gloucester. There’s also National Waterways Museum Gloucester and Nature in Art.
You can find escape rooms and cinemas here as well and amongst those are Trapped Escape Rooms, Warehouse Climbing Centre, XJump Trampoline Park, and Skater’s Club. If you fancy catching a film, try Open Air Film and Chill Gloucester and Cineworld Gloucester Quays. You can play laser tag at Battle Hill Laser Tag or go bowling at Tenpin Gloucester as well. So, there’s plenty of fun to be had for the whole family.


Prinknash Bird and Deer Park is another great place for the family to enjoy and you can enjoy both it and your favourite e-liquids from Medusa Juice at the same time. Other great places to Vape include Robinswood Country Park, The Barn Owl Centre, Highnam Court Gardens and Barnwood Arboretum & Park. Some other special places include Gloucester Park, Hillfield Gardens and Saintbridge Balancing Pond. Be sure to take your favourite Vape gear and Medusa Juice e-liquids to enjoy while you visit.
There’s plenty to do in the way of nightlife in Gloucester so be sure to make the time to see a few. The Pelican, The Greyhound and The Avenue will get you started, but if you fancy a pub crawl or just want to enjoy the lively atmosphere of a few different places, you can try The Northend Vaults, The Doctors and The Black Horse Inn as well.
While in Gloucester you may wish to check out some antique stores and try to find yourself a bargain or two. The New Gloucester Antiques Centre, Upstairs Downstairs Antiques are a good start and on Sundays, you can try Hempstead Fields Car Boot.
You can also find plenty of specialty shops at Eastgate Shopping Centre. Feel free to stop into one of the other shops as well, here’s a few to start you off: Treasure Seekers Gift Shop, Bow Bells, The Perfume Shop, Chez Rose, Truscott Jewellers and Dandelion Vintage. If you still need some retail therapy after those you can also try Kings Walk Shopping Centre, Pavers, Pretty Little Things and White Stuff.

Don’t miss

Whatever you’re in the mood for, Gloucester has it and I have to say, that I found it a very friendly and agreeable city. It was easy to get around and I could easily live there.
Also, it’s not so far away from Medusa Juice that I can plan an afternoon and drive to one of the three Medusa Juice shops in King’s Lynn, Peterborough and Norwich. So, be sure to take the time to do the same if at all possible and stock up on all of your favourite e-juices, equipment and don’t forget to try out one of the new tee shirts or hoodies.

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