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Most people probably think of former United Kingdom Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher when thinking of Grantham. It was, after all, her birthplace. But it was also where Sir Isaac Newton was educated. He attended King’s School there. While in the 1790s, Thomas Paine worked there as an excise officer. Obviously, it was quite progressive because the first female police officer in the United Kingdom was from Grantham and after London, the town was the second place to hire and use women on the police force. Other things of note are that Grantham produced the first running diesel engine in 1892 and then in 1896, the first tractor was produced there.

Grantham is a town located in Lincolnshire, England and it lies close to an ancient Roman road. The origin of “Grantham” is uncertain, although the name is said probably to be Old English “Granta+ham”, meaning “Granta’s homestead”.

We have seen it as early as 1086 in the Domesday Book in its present form of Grantham. However, it was also often recorded as Grandham, Granham and Graham. The name of the town is the origin of the Scottish surname, now often used as a given name, Graham.

At Gonerby Moor, Grantham, Oliver Cromwell had his first win over Royalists in 1643 during the English Civil War.

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Kings And Queens

In the north of the town, Little Gonerby, vessels from a burial site were discovered in 1875.
Further investigation uncovered a number of flint blades, including from near Welham Street to the south-east of the town centre and from near Barrowby. There, a macehead was also found. All of these things belonged to a neolithic settlement site which was discovered to be rife with pottery and flints.

Throughout Grantham’s history, there have been a number of finds of flint and stone tools including palaeolithic hand-axes from the Cherry Orchard Estate. Mesolithic flints have also been recovered from the Cherry Orchard Estate as well as from sites to the west of Great Gonerby, providing more proof of the areas people and their lifestyle.

Slightly northeast of the town centre, there was a Bronze Age bucket and urn cemetery. Several cremation burials and ploughed-out barrows have been recorded there. Bronze Age flint scatters have also been found in several places, particularly on the higher ground closer to Barrowby.
In Saltersford, a rapier sword and Bronze Age ingot were found. There has been much speculation, but according to the Chronicles of Raphael Holinshed, Gorbonianus, a legendary King of the Britons built Grantham sometime between 292 and 282 BC.

There is a watercolour and graphite painting of Grantham Church from 1797 by J. M. W. Turner, which is now housed at the Yale Center for British Art.

King Edward I, while accompanying the funeral cortège of Eleanor of Castile, his late wife, stopped in Grantham in 1290 on his way from Lincoln to Westminster Abbey. Later,
An ‘Eleanor Cross’ was erected in the town, although its precise location remains unidentified.

Over The Years

In 1363, the Castles, Manors and towns of Stamford and Grantham were granted to Edmund of Langley in 1363. Langley was 1st Duke of York, and fifth son of Edward III of England. We do not know whether Grantham House was the site of a castle, but the street name of “Castlegate” hasn’t be traced further back than the 17th century, so it’s unlikely. There are, however, references to a hospital in Grantham which date back to the 1330s. The town of Grantham received its Charter of Incorporation in 1463.

Grantham is rich in history and the Grantham Museum is well worth the time it takes to tour it. Whatever particular thing you are interested in from ancient times to today, you can find information there about it. It’s situated in the town centre and while you’re walking around town, why not sit and have a cuppa while enjoying your favourite e-liquids from Medusa Juice? The pleasant atmosphere is an excellent way to unwind and what better way to do that than with the best vape juices in England from Medusa Juice?

Take A Trip

Over the centuries there have been many changes, as you would expect and employers have come and gone, each changing the course of this town and the lives of those who live and work there.

There’s a great deal of fun to be had in town and you won’t struggle to find something to do or see for yourself or the entire family. Fancy doing a bit of antique shopping? Stop in at Notions Antiques Centre. It’s a very warm and friendly place with a delightfully eclectic range of items.

Belton Park is an excellent way to get outdoors and lose yourself in the beautiful countryside while in Grantham.

One of my personal favourite ways to spend an afternoon was Easton Walled Gardens. I could easily stay there all day and not give another thought to it. I found it refreshing and an excellent place to sit vaping and contemplating everything under the sun. Be sure to take one of the great hoodies from Medusa Juice with you in case the wind gets up. Afterward, be sure to stop by Eddie’s Nobody Inn for a hot beverage or a cold drink and compare notes on your day or just let all the troubles of the world fade away.

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