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Hurry into Harrogate

The first real mention of Harrogate seems to be from 1330 or so, the name itself seems to be derived from Old Norse, meaning a heap of stones (cairn). While Harrogate is located about one hundred thirty miles from Peterborough, it’s still close enough for you to drive it and load up on the great deals on e-cigs, e-liquids and equipment from any of the three Medusa Juice Vape Shops.

How about those spas?

During medieval times Harrogate was a place on the borders of the township of Bilton with Harrogate in the ancient parish of Knaresborough, and the parish of Pannal, or Beckwith with Rossett. The part within the township of Bilton developed into the community of High Harrogate, and the part within Pannal developed into the community of Low Harrogate. Both communities were within the Royal Forest of Knaresborough. In 1372, King Edward III granted the Royal Forest to his son John, Duke of Lancaster (also known as John of Gaunt), and the Duchy of Lancaster became the principal landowner in Harrogate.
Until the 17th century Harrogate was a quiet hamlet. However, in the late 16th century, William Slingsby drank from a well. He had traveled to several spas and he realised the well water tasted like spa water. Slingsby discovered Tewit Well, which is a chalybeate well (one containing iron). People believed that drinking water from such a well would heal sicknesses. So Harrogate began to grow into a spa town. Harrogate grew more after 1631 when Dr Michael Stanhope discovered a second well, St John’s Well, also known as the Sweet Spa. Harrogate’s development is directly tied to the discovery of its chalybeate and sulphur rich spring water.
Also, during the 17th century Harrogate slowly grew. By the mid 17th century people bathed in a sulphur well (known as the stinking well) as well as drinking water from the chalybeate wells. Consequently in the late 17th century the first inns were visitors could stay were built. Wedderburn House was built in 1786. Harrogate’s Georgian theatre was built in 1788. Meanwhile a chapel dedicated to St John was built in 1749.
In accordance with an Enclosure Act of 1770, promoted by the Duchy of Lancaster, the Royal Forest of Knaresborough was enclosed. The Enclosure Award of 1778 clarified ownership of land in the Harrogate area. Under the award 200 acres of land, including the springs known at that time, were reserved as a public common, The Stray, which has remained public open space.
In 1800 Harrogate was still really a large village but it grew rapidly in the 19th century. By 1831 it had a population of around four thousand. By the end of the century the population of Harrogate was around twenty-five thousand..
Bath Hospital (later to become Royal Bath Hospital) was built in 1826. The Royal Pump Room was erected in 1842.
In 1841 an Improvement Act was passed. Afterwards a body of men called Improvement Commissioners were elected and they had powers to provide amenities for Harrogate. A water company was formed in 1846 to provide Harrogate with piped water. Harrogate obtained gas light in 1847. The railway reached Harrogate in 1848. That made if far easier for visitors to reach the town. In 1884 Harrogate was incorporated (given a mayor and corporation). The first public library opened in 1887. Harrogate gained an electricity supply in 1897.
During the 19th century Harrogate was still dependent on its spas, which continued to flourish. Another well, the Magnesia Well was discovered in 1895. The Royal Baths opened in 1897.
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Through history

During the 20th century Harrogate continued growing rapidly. In 1901, the population was around twenty-six thousand By 1951 the population of Harrogate had doubled. The first council houses in Harrogate were built in the 1920s and 1930s. Many more council houses were built after 1945 along with many more new private homes.
The Harrogate Theatre opened in 1900. In 1903 a hall was built called the Kursaal. It was renamed the Royal Hall in 1918.
A war memorial was erected in Harrogate in 1923. Sun Pavilion and Sun colonnade were built in 1933. Harrogate’s spas continued to flourish until the 1960s. After 1949 the NHS sent people to the Royal Baths for a cure. However the NHS stopped funding the treatment in 1968. The Baths closed in 1969. The Royal Pump Room became a museum in 1953. Tewit Well was sealed in 1971 and Harrogate Conference Centre opened in 1982.
If you get the chance, be sure to check out Washburn Heritage Centre, Almscliffe Crag and Beulah Street while you’re in Harrogate. Some of the other more noteworthy stops are Queen Victoria Monument, Commercial Street and Ripon Cathedral. Or take the whole family along to Nidderdale Llamas. Great fun for everyone to be had there.
If you’re looking for shopping places, here’s a list of some that I found enjoyable. Gift shops like Miss Clare Rose, Sophie Likes, Bead and Porter’s Menswear are all a good place to spend some time and money. As is Bijouled, Harrogate Antiques Centre and Harrogate Chocolate Tree. The latter was my personal favourite.
Harrogate has some incredible eating establishments and you will want to take advantage of as many as possible while you’re there, from cheap little best-kept-secret places to fine dining, try any and all if you can. Some of the more impressive places are Horto Restaurant, Fisk and Restaurant 92. Or maybe you’re just looking for somewhere to sit, have a vape and cup of coffee, that’s not a problem in Harrogate and you will enjoy Bean and Bud, LMDC Espresso Bar and The Kitchen.

Vape it, baby

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