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Have a ball in Haverhill

The picturesque market town of Haverhill in Suffolk lies near the borders of Essex and Cambridgeshire. Surrounded by beautiful countryside and filled with history, the town attracts many visitors looking to enjoy the peaceful scenery and interesting local stores. Haverhill is also just sixty-two miles from the Medusa Juice Vape Store in Peterborough which is well worth a visit. Or you could try the Medusa Juice Vape Store in King’s Lynn which is just sixty miles away. By checking out one of our stores in person or by shopping at the online store you can explore the fantastic range of e-liquids on offer at amazing prices. And be sure to take a look at the latest additions to our ever growing selection.
Archaeological finds have revealed that the area where Haverhill stands has been home to settlements since the stone age. The fertile valley also made the area a useful trade route and location for Roman settlers with many Roman Villas being built nearby.
But the Haverhill we would recognise today dates back to the Anglo-Saxon period where the town’s vibrant market was recorded within the Domesday book.

Since the Civil War

When the English Civil War broke out the town supported the Parliamentarians and locals fought in Cromwell’s army against the King. In the decades before the war, settlers from Haverhill emigrated to America where the town of Haverhill Massachusetts was founded.
The was devastated by a great fire in the 17th century which started at the Swan and spread quickly, destroying much of Haverhill. The town suffered greatly but one significant house from the 16th century survived the blaze. The Tudor building was reportedly given to Anne of Cleves as part of her divorce from Henry VIII and the ‘Anne Of Cleves House’ can still be seen today.
Haverhill was a prominent centre for the production of textiles for centuries and the town grew steadily during the industrial revolution when factories with steam driven looms were built. The population doubled in this period with new schools and houses as the town produced large quantities of clothing for agricultural workers.
By the start of the 20th century, Haverhill was a thriving industrial town, dominated by the Gurteen textile factory. At this time the town had a fine Town Hall and many churches as well as schools and two railway stations.
This prosperity ended with World War II, but after the war Haverhill grew rapidly again as it helped resettle communities from London. This resettlement included the building of new houses and factories in the area and resulted in the population of the town more than doubling over the next decade.


Despite all the changes that Haverhill has been through during its long history, the town retains much of its original charm. Visitors today will find that it’s still a picturesque market town with a bustling high street and market stalls laid out on Fridays and Saturdays.
Be sure to bring you vaping equipment so you can enjoy your favourite e-liquids as you visit the historic sites and beautiful surroundings of Haverhill. The Medusa Juice Vaping Stores in King’s Lynn or Peterborough are just an hour away and well worth checking out for offers a huge selection of fantastic e-liquids. Pop in to see the latest deals and explore the newest additions to see what you’d like to add to your own collection. And while you’re in one of our stores or visiting online, take a look at our vaping accessories and new clothing line for a great selection of t-shirts and hoodies.
There’s plenty for visitors to do and see in Haverhill, from arts and leisure to peaceful spaces and historic locations like the Anne of Cleves House. The Haverhill Arts Centre includes a large auditorium and offers live theatre, dance, music, film and much more. The Arts Centre is also home to the Haverhill Cinema where the latest theatrical releases can be enjoyed.
As you might have guessed from the beautiful surroundings, Haverhill is not short of open green spaces to enjoy, from hiking trails in the countryside to parks and recreation grounds in the town itself. East Town Park has a wealth of attractions including children’s play area, picturesque meadows and even a maze. There’s fun for everyone, young and old alike at the Recreation Ground in the centre of Haverhill which is home to a bandstand and hosts events throughout the year.

For a range of great activities, visit the Haverhill Leisure Centre. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re looking to swim, take an exercise class, enjoy tennis or visit the health suite. The staff and facilities cater for all ages and abilities and there’s also a creche and cafe on site.
The classic pastimes of snooker and bowling are available at the appropriately named Haverhill Snooker and Bowling Club. Fun for all the family, the bar area also serves a variety of food to help keep your energy up while enjoying a game.
And for the animal lovers among us, Linton Zoo is just ten minutes away. Take a short trip out to visit the rare and exotic creatures, including lions, tigers, lemurs, tapirs and even tarantula spiders. Surrounded by beautiful gardens, the zoo also provides picnic areas and a children’s play area.

Don’t forget

In addition to the traditional markets held on Fridays and Saturdays, Haverhill is home to some big high street names as well as a range of interesting, independent stores. It’s well worth a look around the different boutiques to see what you’ll find.
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