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Heacham isn’t a particularly large town, but it is a pretty significant one in many ways.
Overlooking The Wash as it does, between King’s Lynn and Hunstanton, makes it a perfect choice to live in Norfolk if you want an area close to, but not in one of the larger cities. The town itself is quite old and it’s been a seaside resort for over a century and a half. It’s also ideally situated for a quick drive to one of the four Medusa Juice Vape Shops. Head over to King’s Lynn and see our newest addition, the kiosk in the bus station, or visit the first ever Medusa Juice, on Lynn Road. Then, if you’re so inclined, you can see both the Norwich Medusa Juice or the shop in Peterborough and make it a perfectly fun and fruitful day.

We know from the evidence of numerous Neolithic and later Bronze Age items found in surrounding area, that there was human settlement of Heacham over the last 5,000 years. It seems very likely that because the local geology consists of primarily cretaceous sands and underlying chalk, which means the land was fertile, without flooding problems. This can also be seen along the banks of the Caudle Carr, located outside Dersingham, where numerous archaeological finds have also been made. As you would expect, running water in conjunction with fertile surrounding lands, made Heacham an ideal place for settlement by early man. Evidence of habitation continues through the Iron age into the Romano-British era.


Even though we know that humans did settle in the area very early on, the beginnings of the present village probably did not occur until the fifth century. Most likely this was due to the Anglo-Saxon invasion and the beginnings of present-day East Anglia.

The name “Heacham” purportedly derives from a 12th-century Norman lord, Geoffrey de Hecham. Although this is possible, it is unlikely as the name “de Hecham” literally means “of Hecham”. Which suggests that the town was already in existence.

Hecham was noted in the Little Domesday Book which was written around 1086 as part of the Smithdon hundred (Smetheduna). Prior to the Norman Conquest, Heacham was controlled by two Saxons. Alnoth, and Toki the king’s thegn, whose estates were based around a hall in Castle Acre were in charge at that time. However, after the Norman Conquest, the lands passed to William de Warenne and his brother-in-law Frederick de Warenne, who was later killed by Hereward the Wake. This entire region has been embroiled in wars from the earliest settlement of it and I suppose it is partly due to the fertile land, but perhaps part of it is due to the flint and iron which was so prevalent as well.

If you’re planning a day out in Heacham, be sure you stop by Walsingham Farms Shop. You can pick up locally grown produce and meat, or special dishes from the area. There’s also a great beach in Heacham and if you’re lucky, you can see seals frolicking in the water and on the beach. My kids just loved it. I took advantage of the surroundings to enjoy some of my e-liquids from Medusa Juice.

Things To Note

Heacham has been home to quite a few prominent people. It also has historic ties to Pocahontas, (Of American history fame) who married John Rolfe, a native of this village. They were wed in April of 1614 at a church in Jamestown, Virginia. Rolfe took his wife, Rebecca (Pocahontas), and their two-year-old son, Thomas, to visit his family at Heacham Hall in 1616, but then settled in Brentford. The story sounds romantic at first, but it certainly didn’t wind up that way.
Later, when John was going to return Pocahontas to Virginia, she died in Gravesend. She was laid to rest at St George’s parish churchyard. After that, John returned to Virginia with Tomocomo. Samuel Argall commanded the ship. Their son, Thomas, was guarded by Lewis Stukeley until later, when he was adopted by John’s brother, Henry. John remarried two years later to a woman by the name of Jane Pierce. They soon had a daughter named Elizabeth. We don’t actually know, but it’s thought that perhaps John lost his life in the 1622 Native American massacre near Jamestown. The Rolfe family home, Heacham Hall, burned down in 1941.

During the Victorian times, Heacham started to become popular as a seaside resort due to the opening of the railway between King’s Lynn and Hunstanton in the early 1860s. Eventually, this culminated in the building of the Jubilee Bridge in 1887 to replace an old wooden bridge. In order to build the new bridge, the town used unspent subscriptions from parishioners to the celebrations for Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. Today, Heacham is still popular as a seaside resort. The beaches at Heacham are on the east banks of The Wash. An interesting fact about them is that they are amongst the few beaches in eastern England where the sun sets over the sea instead of over the land.


If you want to enjoy those sunsets to the ultimate, make sure you have stocked up on your favourite e-liquids from Medusa Juice and even better, sport one of our stylish and comfortable hoodies or t-shirts. Don’t forget that you can pamper yourself at Mulberry Spa at Heacham Manor and come away feeling like a brand new person. Then why not hop over to the Fox and Hounds and enjoy a tasty cocktail or two dozen? Make sure you’re not driving though.

Before you leave the area, you simply must pay a visit to Norfolk Lavender. There’s a nice little animal park to appreciate as well as a shop which sells all sorts of items made from Lavender and you can learn all about its uses and cultivation. It really does have a little something for everyone. Lavender is such a great scent for so many reasons and not the least of which that it stimulates hormones in the body which aid in sleep. It helps to calm nerves too, which is always good!

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