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How about Helston

The picturesque town of Helston is the most southerly town on the island of Great Britain and is located on the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall. Helston is famous for the annual Furry Dance, known locally as the Flora Dance, and is also three hundred and forty miles from the Medusa Juice Vape Shop in Peterborough. It is well worth taking a trip out to visit the store in person or making use of our convenient online store. Stock up on your favourite e-liquids as well as checking out the newest deals, contests and additions to our incredible range. And while you’re there take a look at the our new clothing line and selection of vaping accessories for more great offers.

Helston’s history

Helston’s name comes from the Cornish ‘hel lis’ meaning ‘old court’ and the ‘ton’ was added later as the town grew in size and importance.
There were Saxon settlements in the area as early as the 6th century and Helston existed in medieval times. The town is recorded in the Domesday Book and in the year 1201 it received its Royal Charter from King John. Helston also received Royal decree to become a stannary town where tin mined nearby was weighed and valued.
The origin of the Furry Dance, or Flora Dance is lost in legends. Some believe it could be a pre-christian, pagan festival that was later adapted by the early Celtic Church. Some stories tell of a fiery dragon, or possibly a meteorite, which appeared in the sky over Helston and crashed to the ground centuries ago in what’s now known as Angel Yard. The town’s inhabitants, relieved that they had survived this disaster started a celebration with dancing throughout the town. Other versions of the story depict Saint Michael fighting Satan who was carrying a boulder to block the entrance to hell. Saint Michael won and the boulder was dropped, crashing to the earth at Helston. Whatever the origin of the festival, it is held every year on the 8th of May, the feast day of Saint Michael and is one of the oldest British customs still practiced today.
It is believed that Helstone had a port in the past, although not much evidence has survived to support this. Before the 13th century its possible that the nearby River Cober ran directly into the sea before becoming blocked by sand and flint that formed the Loe Bar, creating the largest natural freshwater lake in Cornwall. The Loe Bar was most likely created after the last ice age when rising sea levels created a barrier beach across the mouth of the river.
For much of its history, Helston has been an important trading and market town and that remains true today. Becoming linked to the new railway network at the end of the 19th century brought more trade as well as tourism. The town’s heritage, friendly atmosphere and beautiful location as well as the bustling main street make it a great place to visit.
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About the town

The history of Helston is a great place to start when visiting the town. As well as the old shops and pubs all around, visitors can follow the town trail and be guide to twelve points of interest from Helstons remarkable heritage. Sights on the tour include the town well and the monument to local hero Humphrey Millett Grylls who helped keep the tin mine open and saved over a thousand jobs.
For more history, visit Helston Museum and explore Cornish culture over the last three centuries. The museum, located in the town’s former Market House and Drill Hall, has displays on the industrial and social history of the Lizard Peninsula.
Take a short trip out of town along the Penrose Walk to visit the Loe Pool, Cornwall’s largest natural body of freshwater. Enjoy the picturesque scenery of the pool and beach or follow the hiking trails around this beautiful stretch of countryside.
And for more nature visit the Homestead Woodland Gardens or the Coronation Park and Boating Lake. Both offer spectacular and tranquil surroundings as well as children’s play areas and cafes to grab a bite to eat.
Helston’s location makes it ideal for visiting the nearby beaches at Porthleven, Gunwalloe and many more. Enjoy the beauty of the coast or take part in watersports such as surfing, diving, kayaking and canoeing with a number of schools and equipment hire shops.
Anyone with an interest in steam engines or the industrial revolution should visit Helston Railway. This restoration project is run by volunteers dedicated to re-opening and maintaining a section of the old Helston branch line. Steam trains currently run twice a week with a gift shop and buffet in one of the restored railway carriages.
As well as beautiful countryside and a remarkable collection of historic sights of interest, Helston also boasts a number of great pubs, restaurants and shops. Visit one of the many pubs and inns for a taste of the local favourites or check out the selection of independent shops to find a great souvenir or two.

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