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The village of Hemsby is also a seaside resort located in the county of Norfolk. While the area was settled quite early on, due to coastal erosion, a great number of homes have been destroyed over the centuries and still others are threatened. According to Norfolk county map we have from around 1610, the headland, called Winterton Ness, once extended into the sea north-east of Hemsby. Today, this headland has now almost entirely disappeared due to the extensive erosion.

The Vikings were particularly fond of the Norfolk region and this is true of Hemsby for sure. They came to raid the area of precious materials and slaves. They stayed and settled a village here which was listed in the Domesday Book under the name of Haimesbei had the description of “a hamlet covering forty-three meadow acres with fifty households, three slaves, two salt pans and one hundred sixty sheep.”

If you’re planning a trip to the Hemsby area, you may want to look into staying at California Cliffs. It’s an exceptional holiday park. And speaking of parks, Hemsby is filled with them, beaches and arcade style businesses to help you spend your money and your time while visiting. But try to schedule time for a trip into one or more of the Medusa Juice Vape Shops in King’s Lynn, Norwich or Peterborough.

Beaches And Business

The village, Hemsby, is split into two parts. One is Hemsby Village and the other is Hemsby Beach. Hemsby Village is comprised of the residential area and is about a mile inland. Kingsway is an area of the village which includes a Co-op shop, hairdressers and a Chinese restaurant. This is also the main location for buses into Great Yarmouth and Martham.

St Mary the Virgin Church was built here in the twelfth century and is a landmark of this area. The Scroby Sands wind farm was built in 2003, and it is clearly visible from both the village and the beach. The Blood Hill wind farm is also near the village in Winterton.

The tourist-based part of the village lies along Beach Road and it is commonly known as Hemsby Beach. This features funfairs, crazy golf courses and various children’s rides. The beach end of the road is lined with cafes, shops and amusement arcades, while at the upper end, you have houses and accommodation parks, consisting mainly of chalets and caravans.

When Herbert Potter purchased land in Hemsby, he opened the original site of the first permanent and mixed-use holiday camp in the United Kingdom, Potters Resort. The holiday camp opened in 1920 with wooden huts as the standard. The camp was moved down the coast to Hopton-on-Sea in 1924, and the original site was sold. The largest of these accommodation parks was a branch of Pontins, but sadly, this closed in 2009.


The beaches of Hemsby were one of the major tourist draws for the village. With miles of sandy coastline, large sand dunes formed a natural barrier between the beach and the village behind it. One of the more unusual features of the beach is a scattering of anti-tank blocks across the beach, and a concrete bunker, left over from the World War II coastline defences. These were cast by the Royal Engineers as tank defences. This was overseen by the platoon sergeant, Owen (Tom) Hanbury, who settled in Hemsby.

As I mentioned earlier, erosion is a major problem in the surrounding villages of Winterton-on-Sea and Caister, where sandy cliffs are being destroyed by the forces of the sea more and more every day. The dunes of Hemsby are also being eroded. Previously, the wide beach had made the effect less noticeable, but the rate of erosion has increased significantly in the past few years, threatening more homes. In 2013, there was a campaign started to help save Hemsby Beach. These ‘DIY’ sea defences are being built to try to stem the erosion. Let’s hope they work. It’s a true tragedy to lose so much of this lovely area.

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