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Holbeach is a fenland market town in the South Holland district of southern Lincolnshire, England. Like other fenland market towns, its history is agriculturally rich. One thing of interest is that the Prime Meridian of the world passes through the west of Holbeach and is marked with a millstone at Wignals Gate. Check it out if you can. Don’t forget that Holbeach is a wonderfully quant area and you can find interesting wildlife all around. It’s very relaxing and a lovely place to enjoy any of your favourite vapes from Medusa Juice. In fact, Holbeach isn’t far from either of the two Medusa Juice outlets in King’s Lynn or the shops in Norwich or Peterborough.

When we say “Holbeach,” it also applies to the civil parish of Holbeach. This parish is one of the largest by area in England, and extends from Cambridgeshire to the Wash which is about sixteen miles. Today, the total population of the parish is almost 24,000 strong with approximately 5,000 in Holbeach town. The town has the most inhabitants and services compared to the villages surrounding it which incorporate its name.

Along with the town of Holbeach proper, the name is used in a number of villages of the Lincolnshire Fens. For instance, Holbeach Bank, Holbeach Clough, Holbeach Drove, Holbeach Fen, Holbeach Hurn, Holbeach St Johns, Holbeach St Marks and Holbeach St Matthew. This repetition of a name for a collection of close-lying villages is quite common in the Fens: Gedney, Tydd, and Walpole are other examples of this.

Then And Today

As with most of Britain, the Romans were out and about here and there have been a number of Roman and Romano-British pottery finds in and about the town.

In 1252, the town’s market charter was awarded to Thomas de Moulton, a local baron.
Later, in the 14th century, All Saints’ Church was built although the porch wasn’t built until around 1700, and it possibly incorporated parts of de Moulton’s ruined castle into the newer building. Sir John of Kirton founded the All Saints’ Hospital in 1351. This was home to up to fifteen poor persons and a warden.

Before the beginning of the 17th century, when most of the fens were being drained, the sea came to within two miles of the town and there were severe floods recorded in both the 13th and 16th centuries. The waters are well receded these days and the entire area is a lovely way to spend some time vaping your favourite Medusa Juice e-liquids.

Important Places

Railways have always played an important part in this area and the Spalding and Norwich Railway opened a Holbeach railway station in 1862. Like the rest of the M&GN route, it closed to passengers in 1959 and the line closed entirely in 1965.

During the 19th century, the building of churches seemed to be the trend and Holbeach saw several small churches built, including a Wesleyan chapel. This was constructed on Chapel Street in 1808, and a Baptist chapel, which was built on Albert Street in 1845 using red brick and colour washed render which made it stand out from the other buildings in the area at that time.

There are some places you don’t want to miss and one of these is Ayscoughfee Hall. This family home was built in the 1450s and sits on five acres of beautiful gardens. The Hall tells the story of the first occupants as well as local history. The Ayscoughfee Gardens are full of interesting features including an ice house and War Memorial designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens. Be sure to slot time for a visit if you can. While there, enjoy your delicious Medusa Juice e-liquids as you relax at this lovely Holbeach estate.

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