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High times in Huddersfield

Huddersfield lies between Leeds and Manchester and is the eleventh largest city in England. It has been a settlement for over four thousand years and is scenic as well as prosperous. It provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy your Medusa Juice e-liquids and equipment.
The town is near where the rivers Colne and Holme meet and is birthplace to the great actor James Mason. It is part of what was once the West Riding of Yorkshire and has grown throughout the centuries to become a modern city. During the eighteenth century, the remains of a Roman fort were found at Slack, on the west in of town.

Alive and Thriving

Huddersfield has been a major market town since Anglo-Saxon times. It houses a Market Cross on Market Square. Castle Hill was the site of an Iron Age fort and is a major landmark in the area.
During the Industrial Revolution, the wars being waged throughout Europe and in England took its toll on the city. Many of the wool and cloth manufacturers were put out of business by the machinery which could produce at a much faster pace and required fewer workers. This led to civil unrest in Huddersfield and Luddites began to destroy machinery and businesses all over in protest. There was an especially brutal attack on a mill owner named Cartwright. He had quite a reputation for being cruel to his workers and eventually an Army platoon was called in to deal with the upheaval the Luddites caused.
Today, Huddersfield is a manufacturing town, and although the university there is the largest employer, there’s no question that the Luddites failed to stop the progress this city was determined to make.
Although textiles were a major part of the economy here, it declined severely in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Chemical and engineering companies moved to the forefront, including Brook Motors Ltd founded by Ernest Brook in 1904. Despite the political and economic climate, he started making alternating current electric motors. Brook began in one room with two assistants and starting capital of a mere £300. On its 50th anniversary in 1954 Brooks Motors Ltd employed more than two thousand people and with Ernest’s sons, Frank and Jack in charge, was the largest exclusive producer of AC motors in the world. That same year Brook Motors Ltd operated ten more factories in Huddersfield, the largest being Empress Works on St Thomas’s Road. Other local manufacturers are Cummins Turbo Technologies, founded in 1952 as Holset by Messrs. Holmes and Croset.(turbochargers), David Brown Gear systems (industrial gearing), Huddersfield Fine Worsteds (textiles), Taylor & Lodge (textiles), C & J Antich (textiles), Syngenta AG (agro-chemicals), Pennine Radio Limited (electronics transformers and sheet metalworking) and a large number of niche manufacturers, such as Dual Seal Glass (maker of spandrel glass panels) and Ellis Furniture (producer of kitchen and bathroom furniture).Huddersfield is home to Andrew Jones Pies, a regional award-winning pie-maker, and Mamas and Papas, a manufacturer and retailer of prams, pushchairs and related items.
Let’s not forget that there’s also an abundance of Victorian architecture in Huddersfield and these make an excellent place to visit while you enjoy your favourite flavours of e-liquids from the Medusa Juice Vape shops in King’s Lynn, Peterborough or Norwich. Of course you can also order them from the website and through Facebook. You won’t find a better deal anywhere on premium equipment, e-cigs and liquids.

What, where and when

The most conspicuous landmark is the Victoria Tower on Castle Hill. Overlooking the town, the tower was constructed to mark Queen Victoria’s sixtieth Jubilee Year. A picture of the Victoria Tower features on the New Zealand wine Castle Hill.
Huddersfield Town Hall was designed by John H. Abbey and built in two stages between 1875 and 1881. The first section opened in June 1878, comprising the Mayor’s Parlour, Council Chamber, Reception Room and municipal offices including the Inspector of Weights and Measures, Medical Officer, Town Clerk, the Rates Office and others. The second phase opened in October 1881 and housed the Magistrates’ Court and Concert Hall. The hall seats up to one thousand two hundred people and hosts events ranging from classical and choral to comedy and community events.
Huddersfield has some lovely parks and interesting places to visit. Slack Roman Fort is still visited today by tourists from all over the world. Emley Moor Transmitting Station is a historical site that you might find of some interest and you absolutely do not want to miss Castle Hill or Huddersfield Hall. Heritage Quay and the North Light Gallery are noteworthy as well.
There are a few tours which you may enjoy taking while you’re visiting Huddersfield.
Kirklees Light Railway is a must see for train enthusiasts. Then check out Discover Huddersfield or Summer Wine Magic Tours for a bit of the unusual. There’s no shortage of greenery in the lovely parks which fill Huddersfield. Such places as Beaumont Park, Stanza Stones Trail and Greenhead Park will keep you busy for hours and provide ample opportunity to vape those incredible Medusa Juice e-liquids you purchased.
Some of the noteworthy nightlife for adults are Magic Rock Tap, Bar Maroc, The Grove and The Sair Inn. Or you could try The George Inn, Kings Head, Bar 10 and Cavalry Arms. There is also Mecca Bingo or Grosvenor Casino. If you’re looking for something to occupy the whole family, there’s The Live Escape, Stuck In The Riddle and Playworld. Or you could go bowling at UK Bowl.

Get yourself over to

Don’t forget to get out and do a bit of shopping while in Huddersfield. If you enjoy specialty shops, there’s Crafty Praxis, The Lollipop Tree, and the Byram Arcade. Huddersfield also has two malls and they are Kingsgate and Packhorse Shopping Centre. There’s also a Farmer’s Market and Flea Market in Huddersfield so you can get anything from fresh produce to comic books.
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