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Hunstanton for fun

Hunstanton is a seaside town in Norfolk, where as luck would have it, Medusa Juice just opened up a new Vape shop. Outdoor activities are huge in Hunstanton and with good reason. They have a beautiful beach, lots of wildlife around the area and you can enjoy your favourite e-liquids while enjoying the local flora and fauna. Located facing the west of the Wash, Hunstanton is one of the few places on the east coast where you can actually watch the sun set over the sea.
Hunstanton Beach is a popular tourist site and a local favourite. There’s also Searles Sea Tours which you can take and catch glimpses of the ocean creatures you might never have had the chance to see up close before. If Kayaking and canoeing are more your style, you can do that too, at Hunstanton Kayaks. There’s also some lovely hiking trails to be found along Peddars Way. You won’t be at a loss when it comes to finding something outdoors to enjoy while in the area, but don’t forget too that no trip to Hunstanton or Norfolk in general would be complete without you stopping by Medusa Juice and saying hi to the gang. Be sure to check out the latest sales and our contests because you can win some awesome equipment and Vapes.

Come on down

If you’re looking for something the entire family can enjoy in Hunstanton, you might want to try one the following. There’s Paint Me Ceramics and Build A Teddy, Oasis Sport and Leisure Centre and Blackbeard’s Adventure Golf. No Seaside town would be worthy of its name without pier entertainment and in this too, Hunstanton shines, with CHS Pier Family Entertainments.
Don’t forget to visit the local gift shops and commemorate your trip. You can pick up a souvenir or something else at Horizon Gifts and World Of Fun. The Norfolk Deli also offers a few interesting items as well as serving luncheon items and drinks.

Check it out

Local cuisine if the area ranges from seafood to fast food and pubs fare. Some of the more noteworthy places to dine are Fishers of Hunstanton, The Old Boathouse Cafe, The Lodge Inn Restaurant and Goblins Pantry. Or if you’re just in the mood for a hot drink, you could visit Crafty Cuppa or Costa Coffee. There’s also a local bakery which comes highly recommended called Moss Bakery.
There are several places to stay if you want to make more than a day trip of your time in Hunstanton, one of the more moderately priced accommodations is The Golden Lion Hotel and Bar and then if you want something a bit more upscale, there’s Caley Hall Hotel.

One more thing

Hunstanton is just a lovely drive from any of the Medusa Juice shops located in Peterborough and King’s Lynn, or the newest Medusa Juice Vape shop in Norwich. The staff at all three stores are friendly and helpful so don’t forget to stop in and say hello. While you’re there, load up on all of your favourite e-juices, gear and clothing.

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