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The hunt for fun in Huntingdon

Huntingdon was chartered by King John in 1205. Most widely known as the birthplace of Oliver Cromwell, Huntingdon was first a staging point for the Danish raids outside of East Anglia. It became a valuable trading point and was eventually fortified by the Huntingdon Castle before it disappeared. It houses a Medieval bridge, which used to be the main crossing point along Ermine Street. Medusa Juice flavors doesn’t currently have a shop in Huntingdon, but you can still enjoy our great Vapes when you visit or while you’re there, you can order from our online store or take the scenic drive to one of our stores in King’s Lynn, Peterborough and Norwich.

Danes and other invaders

Regardless of the time of year you visit Huntingdon, you will find something to make the journey worthwhile and why not try Medusa Juice’s Black Tune or Triple Menthol while strolling along the River Great Ouse?
It’s hard to believe that this entire area was once such a violent and strategic piece of land. When you look at the Old Town Hall, Cromwell’s Museum, The Market Square and other landmarks, everything looks so peaceful and inviting. But if you sit by the Thinking Soldier Statue and perhaps enjoy a one of your favourite Medusa Juice Vapes like Wicked Haze or Glory Glaze, you might find yourself contemplating what life must have been like for this community, ravaged by the Danes and even a staging point for them to raid further inland.

Flavours and fun

We all know that England was under siege by the Vikings many times in many places for a long time. In Huntingdon, they actually had moved right in and settled down. Some of their influence can certainly be felt here and other places nearby as well. Fortunately, wherever you are in this country, Medusa Juice can be accessed by computer, smartphone, tablet, or good old fashioned personal visits.
While you’re in Huntingdon, you may want to take a stroll along Hinchingbrooke Country Park and why not enjoy Medusa Juice’s “Twist It” or “L’meringue’ while doing it? Or you might enjoy seeing the 18th century Houghton Mill, which is totally restored. Don’t forget that Huntingdon also holds a racecourse if you feel like trying your luck. You can also find things to do with your kids, like Rally Karting. While the kids are racing, feel free to fill your tank with Medusa Juice’s fantastic flavoured e-juices.

The hunt continues

Whether you want breakfast themed e-liquids or sweet replicas of your childhood favourites, Medusa Juice has something for you. They have plenty of tobacco based Vapes as well, if you prefer something more like a cigarette. Whatever you choose, you can depend on it being delicious and top quality, because at Medusa Juice, we care about your vaping experience as much as you do and we know how to give you the best of what you want. Looking for a place to land for all of your Vape needs? Look no further, because wherever you are, Medusa Juice has you covered.

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