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Into Ilfracombe we go

The beautiful seaside resort of Ilfracombe can be found on the North Devon coast. The town has a reputation as the culture and culinary centre of the region with some of the best chefs in the area. Ilfracombe is also just two hundred and seventy miles from the Medusa Juice Vape Shop in Peterborough. So, you’re just a few hours away from exploring our amazing selection of e-liquids. And while you’re visiting our store take a look at our great vaping accessories and clothing line. Come to one of the Medusa Juice Vape Stores or visit our website regularly to keep up to date with the latest offers and additions to our collection.

Historically speaking

The name Ilfracombe is likely derived from the Anglo-Saxon word “Alfreinscona” which means “the valley of Alfred’s sons” and is how the town was known in the Domesday Book.
The town is overlooked by a large hill known as Hillsborouth which was the site of an Iron Age fort. And the manor house at Chambercombe in east Ilfracombe was built by a Norman Knight who arrived from France during the Norman Conquest.
The layout of the coastline helped Ilfracombe develop into a significant port on the Bristol Channel. For most of its history, the Ilfracombe economy was based around trade from the harbour as well as fishing. In the 13th century the town provided King John with ships and men to invade Ireland as well as contributing to the fleet that conquered the Western Isles of Scotland.
Near Ilfracombe you’ll find what could be the oldest working lighthouse in the UK. The beacon on Lantern Hill has stood there for over six hundred and fifty years.
During the 19th century Ilfracombe started to develop into a tourist resort. Summer getaways to the seaside were becoming popular at that time as doctors promoted the benefits of sea air. The town was connected to the rail network and served by ferries along the Bristol Channel which brought visitors from far and wide to enjoy the delights of Ilfracombe.
Throughout its history Ilfracombe has been home to a number of famous figures including the Bowen family. James Bowen was commissioned as an officer after his leadership during the first battle between the British and French navies during the French Revolutionary War. Since then several members of the Bowen family have served as high ranking Royal Navy officers.
More recently the actor Peter Sellers lived in Ilfracombe when his parents managed the Gaiety Theatre in town. Terry Thomas was also a frequent visitor to Ilfracombe and Joan and Jackie Collins were schooled there and boarded in town.
The cultural centre of Ilfracombe holds an annual arts festival and has also been home to the artists Damien Hirst and George Shaw. Today tourism remains an important part of the town’s economy with visitors drawn to the picturesque location and nearby sites of interest.
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Things to do and see

There are a variety of wonderful sights in and around Ilfracombe to delight visitors and it should be no surprise that the coastline is one of this seaside resort’s biggest attractions. There are a range of beaches nearby, including traditional, open spaces and secluded bays like Wildersmouth. And while exploring the beaches, take the time to view the hand-carved tunnels built in the 1820s to allow access to the more secluded coves.
Visitors can also follow the South West Coast Path to explore more of the beautiful coastline around Ilfracombe. This walking tail is the longest in the UK, stretching from Minehead to Poole Harbour.
The historic and picturesque Ilfracombe Harbour is home to cafes, pubs and restaurants so visitors can enjoy some fish and chips or an ice cream while watching the boats. And as you might guess from the town’s past, sea fishing remains a popular activity. Try your hand at shore casting from some of the beaches or hire a boat and enjoy offshore fishing.
If you’re looking for more active and adventurous activities along the coast then consider coasteering or water sports. Xtreme Coasteering is nearby to town and there are a variety of opportunities to take part in water sports like sailing, canoeing, surfing and more.
Learn about natural history and the town’s vibrant past at Ilfracombe Museum. This independent museum has displays on insects, bats and spiders as well as dinosaurs and an extensive photo history of Ilfracombe itself. And for more history and nature take a trip to Hele Corn Mill And Tea Room, Chambercombe Manor or the nearby Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park.
The Watermouth Family Theme Park And Castle is home to a range of children’s activities for kids of all ages. Set around a Victorian Castle overlooking Watermouth Cove, this family attraction includes dozens of rides and games to enjoy.
And if that wasn’t enough, Ilfracombe is also home to an award winning aquarium. Located at the end of the quay, the aquarium has a diverse selection of local aquatic life in recreations of their natural habitat.

Before leaving

The vibrant surroundings, beautiful scenery and historic charm make Ilfracombe a popular seaside resort. While you’re enjoying everything that the town has to offer, take a trip out to the Medusa Juice Vape Shop in Peterborough. Explore the fantastic selection of e-liquids and take the opportunity to sign up for the latest competitions. You won’t find a better range of e-liquids with new treats being added all the time. And check out our new clothing range for a selection of t-shirts and hoodies with great designs.

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