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Into Ivybridge

The historic small town of Ivybridge on the River Erme is located in North Devon. Ivybridge is surrounded by beautiful countryside and situated on the southern edge of Dartmoor National Park. The town is also two hundred and seventy-six miles from the Medusa Juice Vape Shop in Peterborough. It is well worth taking a trip out to visit the store in person or making use of our online store. Pick up your favourite e-liquids and check out the newest deals, contests and additions to our great range. And while you’re there, take a look at the our new clothing line and selection of vaping accessories for more amazing offers.

History and more

Ivybridge takes its name from the 13th century hump-back bridge that was the only means of crossing the river without boat or swimming. The bridge became the centre of the village which grew in importance because of its role as crossing point over the River Erme on the Exeter to Plymouth route.
The Domesday Book mentions the manor of Stowford as the first recording of a settlement at Ivybridge. And the town itself is described in the 13th century as a dowry of land on the West side of the River Erme, by the Ivy Bridge.
Ivybridge continued to grow in prosperity and importance because of its location on the River Erme. As well as trade coming through town, the river also powered a number of mills.
From the 16th century onward mills were built around Ivybridge to harness the power of the river for a variety of purposes. The town had corn mills making flour, tin mills used for stamping metal and an edge mill for ore. Glanville’s Mill, a corn mill, was located where many of the town’s shops are today and gives its name to the local shopping centre.
The “Ivy Bridge” at Ivybridge remained the only crossing point of the River Erme for centuries. But in the 1830s the “New Bridge” was built joining Fore Street and Exeter Road.
During World War II Ivybridge was home to evacuee children from the major cities as well as a POW camp for German and Italian Prisoners of war. The relative safety of the town made it an ideal location to station a variety of military services including the Royal Marines and the Women’s Royal Naval Service. Ivybridge also hosted US soldiers in the build up to the D-Day landings.
Ivybridge officially became a town in 1977 and grew rapidly during the following decades, more than doubling in size by the turn of the century. Today Ivybridge retains a lot of its historic, village charm while having all the attractions and amenities you would expect from a small tourist town.
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Local lore and flavour

Known as the gateway to South Dartmoor, Ivybridge is situated at the Southern end of Dartmoor National Park. The town offers great shops, food and drink with a range of pubs all selling specialty ales from local producers. Ivybridge also makes a great place to stay while exploring Dartmoor and nearby towns like Plymouth and Exeter.
Take a trip to Dartmoor Zoo to experience a variety of wild animals including mammals, birds and reptiles as well as amphibians and invertebrates. Formerly the Dartmoor Wildlife Park, the zoo was the subject of a BBC television series and the Hollywood movie “We bought a zoo”. Well worth a visit if you’re interested in seeing lions, tigers, bears, snakes and many more.
To fully experience the beautiful scenery around Ivybridge I recommend following the South West Coast Path or Two Moors Way. Both of these walking trails include spectacular views and a variety of interesting locations to visit. As the name suggests, the hundred mile long Two Moors Way guides visitors across Dartmoor and Exmoor National Parks. The South West Coast Path is the longest hiking trail in the UK, stretching from Minehead to Poole Harbour and boasts breathtaking vistas.
Ivybridge has plenty more spectacular nature to explore nearby. Long Timber Woods is an area of native broadleaf trees that extends from the Stowford Paper Mill bridge. The woods have been used by locals for walks, swimming and picnics for generation. Lukesland Gardens on the edge of town is a woodland gardens with a beautiful range of trees and wildflowers set in a small valley.
The picturesque Ivybridge has been inspiration for many artists in the past, including Tuner who immortalised the Ivy Bridge in his painting. The town still has a prominent creative community which visitors can discover at the Watermark. This distinctive building is home to the town’s theatre, cinema, art gallery and artisan market selling locally crafted goods and art.
For more art and a look back at the area’s history, take a trip to Delamore House. Surrounded by a beautiful garden, this country house is home to an art gallery with an impressive collection of painting, sculptures, metalwork and pottery. There is also a tea room so visitors can enjoy tea and cakes as well as the artwork and scenery.

One last thing

While visiting the historic sights or enjoying the beautiful countryside all around Ivybridge, take a trip to the Medusa Juice Vape Shop in Peterborough where you’ll find our wonderful range of e-liquids. Visit the store regularly to stay up to date with the latest additions to our selection as well as great deals and contests. And if you’re looking for quality hoodies and t-shirts with great designs, take a look at the new Medusa Juice clothing line.

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