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Kettering is the place

Kettering sits along side of the River Ise in Northamptonshire. It’s about forty-five minutes from Medusa Juice’s newest Vape shop in Peterborough. If you’re looking for something to do out and about in the Kettering area, be sure to add a visit to one of the three Medusa Juice Vape shops within a two-hour radius.
Pick up your favourite e-juices, equipment or signature clothing. Be sure to ask about the latest in-store specials and sign up for a chance to win great prizes.
You may want to plan more than a day trip to Kettering if you can. There’s so much to do and see, and in fact, the city won an award for ‘Best Day Out’ in 2015.
Kettering has some great architectural buildings and amongst them are The Kettering Railway Station, All Saints Church, Rushton and the Anglican Cemetery Chapel. Don’t forget the churches and cathedrals, like the Montagu Monuments, Church of Mary Magdalene and St Andrews Church.

For a good time

If you enjoy visiting war memorials, you’ll think you hit the lottery when you visit Kettering. You can see them all or just choose one or two, such as The Burton Latimer War Memorial, Desborough War Memorial, and the Stoke Albany War Memorial just to name a few.
While strolling through some of the local parks and gardens in Kettering, you can enjoy the great flavour of Medusa Juices’ newest e-liquids, such as Blackjack or Black Tune. You can pick up a full range of the great tasting Vapes at any of the three stores in the area, or you can always order online, twenty-four hours a day.
Kettering has a local water and amusement park called Wicksteed Park, and it’s quite easy to spend a day there. Reasonably priced and fun for the whole family. Or if you’re into something a bit unusual, try Bugtopia.

While in Kettering

There’s no shortage of places to shop in Kettering and you can find smaller speciality shops, like ZuMi’s Collection, The Gift Box and others. Or try the larger complexes and malls, which include The Yards Kettering, Newlands Shopping Centre, and Glendon Lodge Complex.
Need a break from the stress and bustle of town, why not take a tour or visit the local parks and gardens. Some of the best choices include Twywell Hills and Dales, Titchmarsh Nature Reserve and Rockingham Road Pleasure Park.
When you’re ready to grab something to eat and drink, there again, you have plenty of options available. There’s something for every budget for meals and if you just want a hot or cold drink, you won’t be disappointed to find several wonderful places such as Lucy’s Tea Room, Mugs Coffee Shop and Bewiched Coffee House.

Get yourself some

If you want local cuisine, try one of these top notched establishments, here’s just a few to get you started, The Olde Victoria, The Red Lion Pub And Dining, The Palmichael and The Old Forge.
Just remember that whatever you decide to do in Kettering, it will be even better with a trip to Medusa Juice in Peterborough, Norwich or King’s Lynn. A premiere Vape shop, they can provide you with the very best e-liquids, new equipment and clothing.

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