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Lakenheath hosts the largest United States Air Force base in the United Kingdom, RAF Lakenheath, and although it’s not a large town, it has quite a bit going for it.

The area which is now Lakenheath was awash in the River Bytham during the Ice Age. This accounts for much of the modern geology found in the area. The excavation of three early Anglo Saxon cemeteries at RAF Lakenheath between 1997 and 2002 uncovered a total of 394 inhumation and another seventeen cremation burials. Including the 6th-century grave with a horse burial. Obviously he was an important man and his remains were buried next to a fully armoured horse.

The Lakenheath Fen Nature Reserve, restored wetlands from agricultural fields that were growing carrots in 1996. To the credit of the reserve, observers reported that cranes were nesting in the site for the first time since the fen lands were drained in the 16th century.

The village has a single Victorian primary school. This has undergone several renovations over the past few decades. You can also take advantage of the small shopping street if you are out and about. It’s home to a variety of multicultural shops, restaurants, and there are several different services available. It’s a great place to explore while vaping the best e-liquids from Medusa Juice as well and if you’re in the mood for a nice drive, why not visit one of their four locations?


If you like horses and fancy riding, you can avail yourself of the horse-riding services located in Lakenheath. The village also has a modern library with various amenities to enjoy. Along this main road there is a small hotel, skate park, and a children’s play park. So, as you can see, there’s no shortage of things to see and do.

Lakenheath has two pubs now days, but it had at least sixteen more over the centuries. The Plough Inn (also known as the Wok n Rock) is a spacious flint faced 19th-century bar, Far Eastern restaurant and takeaway. The other pub is the Brewer’s Tap. The Royal British Legion used to be a members only club, but it closed down in 2012.

Lakenheath has a remarkable medieval church. The church was built approximately 900 years ago in wood. It was later rebuilt in the local flint construction style. The church includes medieval paintings and carvings on the pews. Which makes for a lovely tour in my opinion. The craftsmanship is truly something to marvel over.

Many faces of the church’s wooden angels bear the scars of the English Civil War, as none of the angels retained their original facial detail. This is due to religiously motivated vandalism visited on them by puritan soldiers.

American Influence

The church received a large grant in 2009 from the Heritage Lottery Fund and local organisations to restore its rare medieval wall paintings. These wall paintings, depicting local saint St Edmund, angels, and birds amongst other subjects, are generally believed to date from the 13th century.

Lakenheath has churches representing the Methodist, Strict Baptist and Pentecostal denominations. All three of the non-Anglican church buildings are also primarily constructed of local flint. They were however, modified later in brick.

Lakenheath village is three miles from the Railway Station, which has long played an important role here.

Nothing like the RAF Lakenheath. Which is home to the largest deployment of United States Air Force personnel in the United Kingdom. The social impact of the United States Air Force fighter airbase and its nearby sister, RAF Mildenhall, on the economy of Lakenheath and on the nearby towns and villages is not only historically important. It is socially, economically and militarily important.

The United States has maintained a large presence in the community since its bombers were stationed there during WWII while conducting raids on Europe. The base has a population of around 6000 service personnel. Yep, that’s a pretty big presence.

Stop And Shop

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One of the largest and most important reasons to visit Lakenheath is the Lakenheath Fen RSPB Reserve. Without preserves like this helping to aid in providing natural and safe habitats for our planet’s wildlife, we would all perish. Please visit the reserve if you can and remember that but for places like this, your children might grow up never knowing about or having seen some of the most important reasons our lives are blessed.

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