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Learning about Leominster

The beautiful market town of Leominster is situated where the River Kenwater meets the River Lugg and is famous for its bustling town centre and wide range of antique shops. Leominster is also just one hundred and thirty-eight miles from the Medusa Juice Vape Shop in Peterborough, so you can take a trip out to enjoy our fantastic selection of e-liquids, not to mention all the accessories you could ever need. I highly recommend visiting the Medusa Juice Vape store regularly to keep up to date with the latest additions as well as our newest deals and offers. And while you’re there be sure to take a look at our new clothing line.
The town name comes from the minister of Lene or Leon and is believed to originate from the Old Welsh word meaning ‘flow’. Like many towns in Herefordshire, Leominster still retains many Welsh place names from its shared and sometimes violent history with the neighbouring country.
The area where Leominster now stands has been occupied for thousands of years according to archaeological evidence. And although little is known of the region at that time it is believed that Saint Ethelmod lived in Leominster during the Early Middle Ages and was buried there.


During the 11th century Leominster was raided by welsh forces which led to a full scale battle between the Saxons, their Norman mercenaries and the Welsh. The Battle of Llanllieni (the Welsh name for the town) took place in 1052 and was one of many conflicts between the English and Welsh in that period.
The Priory at Leominster, founded in 1121, was ransacked by Welsh forces in 1402 along with several local manor houses. Thankfully this was the final time that the English and Welsh armies fought in the town, although the Battle of Mortimer’s Cross took place nearby.
When the Civil War broke out Leominster was a Royalist town. Although it did fall into Parliamentarian hands in 1643 it was reclaimed by the Royalists two years later.
Leominster has a significant historic role in the production of wool, leather and cotton. The town was home of the Ryeland sheep which produced fine wool that was traded far and wide at high prices. And in the 18th century one of the first four cotton mills in the world was built in the town.
By the end of the 18th century Leominster was famous for its high quality wool and as a centre for glove making. But this trade declined during the Victorian era as the town tried to adapt to the changes of the new, industrialised world.
Over time Leominster developed into a trading centre with a focus on manufacturing agricultural machinery and other farming goods. And today the town has a bustling tourist trade with visitors drawn to the many historical sights in the region as well as the beautiful countryside. And whether you’re looking for a wide range or antique shops, independent stores or big name high-street regulars, Leominster is filled with places to shop.
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About Town

There are a host of beautiful and interesting sights to see in and around Leominster, but as the town has such a strong connection to the past it’s worth starting with the historical attractions. The Leominster Museum tells the story of the town and it’s surrounding village and includes displays of photographs, watercolours, agricultural implements as well as exhibits on the industrial history of the area. And Grange Court is a remarkable, timber framed market house built in 1633 which is free to visit and boasts a fine cafe and exquisite garden.
For a harsher look at history, I recommend a trip to see the Ducking Stool at the Priory Church of St. Peter and St. Paul. The restored Ducking Stool on display dates back to the 13th century and was used to punish gossiping locals, women of loose morals and dishonest tradesmen. The town even has a pub named after the historic device.
The beauty of nature is all around you in Leominster, from hiking trails to picturesque parks and gardens. Queens wood Country Park offers great views as you walk through a woodland with plenty of picnic spots and a big play area. For floral fun visit Stockton Bury Gardens to see their sculpted greenery or take a trip out to Docklow pools to enjoy fishing in this lovely piece of the countryside.
If you’re looking for something more active try Oaker Wood Leisure for a range of outdoor activities including paintball, raft building, clay pigeon shooting, rope courses and more. Or visit Grove Golf and Bowl if you enjoy 10 pin bowling or a round of golf.
And if that wasn’t enough Leominster also provides several air tour companies so you can enjoy this beautiful location from the skies. Tiger Helicopters, Herefordshire Aero Club and the Virgin Balloon Flights all offer different ways to experience life up in the air.

One last thing

Leominster has a lot to keep visitors happy, whether you’re looking for historic sights, beautiful scenery or exciting activities. The town also has all the shops, restaurants and pubs you would expect from a bustling market town. While exploring Leominster, take a trip to the Medusa Juice Vape Shop in Peterborough to check out the great selection of e-liquids available. Be sure to visit one of our stores or the convenient website regularly to take advantage of the latest offers and contests. Medusa Juice is also the place to go for fantastic vaping accessories as well as our new line of clothing for a great range of t-shirts and hoodies with eye-catching designs.

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