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Liverpool: Beatlemania and more

You can’t think of the Beatles without thinking about Liverpool, but did you realize that the city of 2.2 million people is just one hundred eighty miles from Peterborough, home to one of the newest Medusa Juice Vape Shops? It sure is, and it’s only one hundred ninety miles from the first Medusa Juice store and you can get all of your favourite e-liquids, equipment and their fashionable new clothing at either one of these as well as the Norwich location.
While in Liverpool or the surrounding area, you will want to enjoy your delicious e-juices and why not do it while seeing some of the places that commemorate the change in musical history? By that, I mean such interesting places as The Cavern Club, Mendips – John Lennon Home, 20 Forthlin Road – McCartney Home, and the Beatles Statue.

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Liverpool is also home to two Premier League football clubs, Liverpool and Everton. Liverpool club is the only British club to have won five European Cups. Sporting is one of the other things Liverpool is best known for and every year, the Grand National is held at Aintree Racecourse, which lies just outside of the city.
The city was nominated as the annual European Capital of Culture in 2008 and in 2007 it celebrated its 800th anniversary.
Liverpool was comprised of seven streets and was originally mentioned in King John’s letters patent in 1207. It was he that planned the city, laying out the seven streets in an H plan.
The 17th century saw the first slave ship, Liverpool Merchant, head to Africa. Battle for the town waged on during the English Civil War, and Liverpool was made a Parish. Trade with the West Indies began to surpass that of Ireland and Europe and the River Dee began to silt up, helping to thrust Liverpool into a prosperous age, and both the slave trade as well as tobacco led to it becoming even more prosperous and helped it to grow into the city it would later become and is today. For periods during the 19th century, Liverpool even exceeded London’s wealth. It’s always been a popular immigrant destination from Ireland and Europe. In 1851 it was described as the New York of Europe. Liverpool is also the port of registry for the Titanic, and we all know how that ended up. Liverpool was also the site of England’s first provincial airport, it operated from 1930. An important strategic point during the second World War, Liverpool was recognized as such by both Hitler and Sir Winston Churchill. It was heavily bombed by the Germans, suffering a blitz, second only to that of London.

Strawberry fields forever

Liverpool has a great many places to visit and enjoy and you will want to take as much time as you can and see all that you can see while there. Depending on your interests, you can find plenty to pique it. From religious to historical landmarks, it’s all here in Liverpool, so I will list a few of the places you may find interesting for you.
Besides the places I mentioned earlier in regards to the Beatles, you may enjoy visiting Sefton Park, Speke Hall, World Museum, Williamson Tunnels Heritage Centre, Liverpool Town Hall, Bombed Out Church, Port of Liverpool Building and Crown Street Tower. That is just a smattering of the places you can see, so if you get a chance, see them all.
If you’re a fan of churches, there’s Our Lady and St Nicolas Church and Garden, Ullet Road Unitarian Church, Old Christ Church, St Brides Church and Sacred Heart Church. As you can see, that’s enough to keep you busy for one day at the very least!
Along with the Beatles statue, you can also visit Cilla Black Statue, A Case History, Queen Victoria Monument, Noel Chavasse VC and Bar Memorial Statue and Huskisson Statue. There’s also Fur Das Kind – Displaced, so don’t forget to include that on your sightseeing tour.
While out and about on your tour of statues in Liverpool, you can enjoy your Medusa Juice e-liquids and your new purchases from one of the three locations in King’s Lynn, Peterborough and the newest shop located in Norwich. When you visit Medusa Juice, don’t forget to sign up for their competitions as you can win really great prizes.
Architecture is always worth appreciation in England and Liverpool offers some very nice examples of different styles in such buildings as Liverpool Town Hall, St Georges Hall, Port of Liverpool Building, Williamson Square, and India Buildings. Be sure to stop by these and you will see what I speak of.

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If you’re not sure of what all Liverpool has to offer in general, why not take one of their numerous tours? They have tours for just about any interests and some of them include: Liverpool City Sights, Liverpool Old Docks Tour, Mersey Tunnels Tour and of course there are many tours dealing with the Beatles, like Beatles Magical Mystery Tour, The Beatles Childhood Homes Tour, and Beatles Walk. You can learn everything you ever wanted to know about the Beatles and their time in Liverpool.
There are plenty of museums and art galleries to be found in Liverpool and at the top of those lists are Merseyside Maritime Museum, Museum of Liverpool, British Music Experience, and The Beatles Story.
Art galleries are always good for a day out and here are a few to get you started on your way, Walker Art Gallery, Sudley House, The Bluecoat and Open Eye Gallery.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

If you want something your whole family can participate in and escape the everyday routine, Liverpool is a great choice and there’s a huge selection of activities and venues for you all to enjoy. The only limitations are your own.
Take the kids with you to visit Medusa Juice and while you’re there pick up your favourite e-liquids, enjoy meeting their friendly staff and the scenic drive to and back. You can’t go wrong when you select Medusa Juice products.

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