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London: The big smoke

London was founded by the Romans and quickly became a major port and city due to its location on the River Thames. It is England’s capital and most populous city today and is still sometimes referred to as the “Big Smoke”. Whatever you choose to call it, London it still a short drive away from any of the three Medusa Juice Vape Shops and well worth the trip. You can load up on all of your favourite e-liquids and equipment or check out some of the new and improved clothing. Whatever Vape related items you need, they can provide, quickly, easily and less costly than other Vape shops.
London in a global city in a great many areas such as fashion, finance, arts, entertainment and so forth. It’s still the world’s largest financial centre. To date, London is the only city to have hosted the Olympics three times.

The Tower

If you’re planning to visit the city, keep in mind that it is one of the most visited cities in all of the world and while I personally have been there many times, I still find new marvels to see while there when I go. So, if you can, give yourself plenty of time there and be prepared to be amazed at what can only be described as a unique circus.
The history here is both bloody and brutal, but fascinating beyond one’s wildest imagining. Each landmark and building has a story or several to tell that you might expect to find in a novel rather than history, but as they say, truth is often stranger than fiction. Such is the case when it comes to both the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge. Go explore them both if you can and take the any of the tours, they’re captivating. There are lots of famous streets in London and don’t forget the palaces and halls. Big Ben is a must see, as is Westminster Abbey. Then there’s the Royal Albert Hall and the Albert Memorial, as well as Buckingham Palace, which if you’re from anywhere else in the world, probably seems like a huge beauty, although for me, it was a bit of a disappointment. I watched the changing of the guard though and was quite glad that I did.


Trafalgar Square, Regent Street, Oxford Street, Brick Lane and Abbey Road all have appeal for different reasons and you won’t want to miss those if you have the opportunity. Let’s not forget that Baker Street has its place in history too and I had a great time visiting the fictional home of Sherlock Holmes and the museum was fun. You can get your photo taken with or without a Bobby standing guard. We chose without.
Instead of a pipe, I used my target mini and vaped some Medusa Juice Strawberry Menthol e-liquid while we visited and you won’t want to forget your favourite e-liquids at home, but if you do, you can easily order online and have it delivered to you the very next day.
Kensington Palace is also available to see if you’re into royalty and where they’ve resided, etc.
Don’t forget Parliament Square, Legoland and my fave, Ripley’s believe it or not.
There’s a wide range of places to see and things to do, if you’re not sure, check into one of the local tourist locations for ideas. I’d highly recommend a bus or boat tour if you can. We took both and enjoyed them tremendously.
The Romans might have founded London during their occupation of England, but my personal heroine, Boudicca, took the fight right to their front door and her statue next to the Westminster Bridge serves as a reminder to never underestimate your enemy, especially if it’s a woman and you’ve seriously done her wrong. Hell hath no fury and all that.
But besides the bloody and exciting history of London, we have some of the best shopping there in the world. Harrods, Selfridges, etc. Hell, even their history is interesting and was fraught with problems and personal loss. Which shows us that anything in this world that iw worthwhile has a price, it’s up to us if we can pay it.

A world class city

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The best of the best

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