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Manchester: When you’re in the neighbourhood

History tells us that the earliest civilian settlement of what is now known as Manchester was the Roman fort of Mamucium which was built around 79 AD. It’s located one hundred eighteen miles from Peterborough, where you will find one of the two newest Medusa Juice Vape shops. Be sure to take the time to load up on the best deals on e-liquids and equipment there or at the original store in King’s Lynn, which is one hundred thirty miles away. A scenic drive and certainly worth the time spent to travel it.
Manchester was home to the Brigantes, a major Celtic tribe and they built a stronghold where the Manchester Cathedral now stands. As in other parts of the country, the habit of building a Christian church on the site of a Pagan place of worship or native home was much the practice.
During the English Civil War, Manchester favoured the Parliamentary interests and
Charles Worsley was appointed the role of Major General over Manchester. Worsley was a puritan who closed down all of the alehouses and banned the celebration of Christmas in Manchester, Cheshire and Staffordshire. Talk about fun haters!

Women and the vote

We know that Manchester had a market as early as 1282. In the 14th Century, Flemish immigrants began to flock to the area and since the majority of them were weavers, Manchester developed into a major centre in the textile industry. After the Industrial Revolution, people from all over England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales began to move to Manchester in droves in order to take advantage of the jobs being created. Thus, Manchester grew at an overwhelming rate. This influx of people a greater need for importation of goods and food. The Manchester Ship Canal system which was built between 1888 and 1894 was such an important part of moving goods, it was extended to accommodate the rapidly growing population. Manchester also became the end of one of the world’s first intercity passenger railways.
Manchester has always been a hotbed of political upheaval and multi-political ideologies. Once a strong centre for Marxism, it later became an important area for the Labour Party and the Suffragette Movement.
Whatever the political climate of Manchester, you and your family can have a great little holiday there, regardless of what your interests are. You can find things to do for the entire family or if you prefer something a bit more intimate, that’s available as well.

Before you do anything else

If you’re looking for something to do with historical value, you can try Pauper’s Graves, Free Trade Hall, Castleford Urban Heritage Park and Victoria Baths. There’s also several statues with historical significance, these are Alan Turing Memorial and The Abraham Lincoln Statue, which may seem surprising to find in Manchester, but because of the city’s huge cotton presence in England and dependence on the cotton grown in the southern states of America, they decided to support Lincoln’s abolishment of slavery. This could have been disastrous for Manchester. Nevertheless, they held to their position and have since erected a life size statue of the former United States President. The statue is located in a lovely square and it’s a great place to enjoy vaping your favourite e-juices from Medusa Juice. You can read about the man and the importance of his freeing the slaves and how it affected the future of not only the United States but cities in England, like Manchester, who were dependant on cotton manufacturing and transport.
As Manchester was such an interesting and malleable political city, it also has a rich religious background and there are a few churches and cathedrals you may enjoy visiting while there. Some of these include Manchester Cathedral, St Mary’s Church, St Ann’s Church, The Catholic Church of the Holy Name of Jesus, St Augustine’s Church and Cross Street Chapel.
The city also hosts both Hebrew and Muslim places of worship.
If you enjoy tours, you can select from a host of them and whatever sort of tour you fancy can be found. There’s Free Manchester Walking Tours, Manchester Taxi Tours, Manchester Water Taxis and Manchester Guided Tours, just to name a few. There are several private tours to be had and these include City Centre Cruises and Come Walk With Me Uk as well as those mentioned above.

Before you know it

Manchester Central Library is worth a trip and while out and about, be sure to check out Manchester Town Hall and Albert Square, Manchester Piccadilly Station, Elizabeth Gaskell’s House, Market Street, King Street and St Peter’s Square.
Manchester has loads of places for family fun, escape rooms, theatres, comedy clubs, parks and sports clubs as well as casinos and there’s several tourist centres to help you find the things you most want to do while in the area, but don’t forget that at sometime during a trip, you really must take a drive to one of the Medusa Juice shops and take full advantage of all of the great deals on the best e-juices in the United Kingdom. Say hello to their friendly staff and sign up for the latest competitions where you can win some incredible equipment, e-liquids and fashionable clothing.

Go on and get yourself some

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