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More than meets the eye in Minehead

The coastal town of Minehead sits on the Southbank of the Bristol Channel in Somerset. The town has a long history, is home to a popular Butlins Holiday Park and is just two hundred and twenty miles from the from the Medusa Juice Vape Store in Peterborough. Visit our store and check out the fantastic range of e-liquids and vaping accessories. You won’t find a better selection at such great prices. And whether you visit one of our shops in person or take advantage of the convenient online store, be sure to take a look at our new line of clothing as well as the latest offers and contests.

History and Lore

Minehead’s original name was “Mynydd” which means “mountain” in Welsh. There is evidence of people occupying the area where Minehead now stands as far back as prehistoric times. A Bronze Age barrows and the remains of an Iron Age settlement are located nearby.
Minehead is recorded as belonging to the Earl of Somerset in the Domesday Book, written after the Norman Invasion. The 1st Earl and his descendants continued to administer the region from Dunster Castle located in the nearby village of Dunster.
The town had a small port in the 14th century which helped Minehead develop into an important trading centre. The town handled salt, wool and cloth as well as coal and other goods between England, Wales and Ireland. The port fell into disrepair and a new harbour was constructed in deeper waters during the 17th century to enable larger ships to visit the town.
Privateers based in Minehead were involved in the war with Spain and France in the 17th century as well as the War of Spanish Succession eighty years later.
The Mermaid is one of the oldest premises in Minehead and is said to be home of Old Mother Leakey, the Whistling Ghost. After her death in 1634 stories of the ghosts presence became so widespread that the Bishop of Bath and Wells led a commission to investigate the matter.
Traffic through the harbour grew during the 18th century as trade increased. While still servicing vessels trading between England, Ireland and Wales, Minehead also started to receive ships from the West Indies and America. Ans during the Victorian era the town began to attract tourists as coastal holidays became popular.
Business from trade routes decreased as most ships transferred to larger ports and the 20th century brought other challenges too. As part of coastal defences during World War II the pier was demolished as it obscured the view from the nearby gun battery. Evacuees were sent to Minehead after the war broke out and the town itself was bombed by the Luftwaffe.
After the war, the Minehead tourist trade increased rapidly when Butlins opened in 1962. The Holiday Park attracts thousands of visitors to the town each year and tourism remains an important industry.
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Around town

In many ways Minehead is a classic seaside resort town with a beautiful, sandy beach and a picturesque promenade. The town is home to plenty of cafes, bars and restaurants as well as a range of great shops including big name high street outlets and a variety of independent stores.
The popular resort of Butlins is located nearby and attracts thousands of visitors. The holiday camp boasts a range of activities and entertainment including a funfair, games and even a miniature railway along with a theatre, amusement arcade and its own shops and restaurants.
Beautiful scenery is all around you in Minehead, including amazing sea views as well as parks and gardens. Walk or cycle along the South West Coastal Path to enjoy picturesque woodland and the beautiful coast along the Bristol Channel. Or visit Blenheim Gardens to explore this tranquil, beautifully designed garden and cafe.
Following the coastal path will bring you close to the six hundred year old Dunster Castle. This National Trust property boasts some impressive Victorian improvements as well as amazing views over Exmoor and the Bristol Channel. In addition to discovering the history of the castle, it is also home to an impressive garden with terraces and a collection of sub tropical plants. And while you’re there, visit the Dunster Working Watermill to learn about the region’s industrial past.
Minehead Museum offers visitors a look back at the history of the town. The museum includes displays on the pier and life boats as well as Sir Arthur C. Clarke who was born in town and the great fire which wrecked much of Minehead. Or take a trip to the Somerset and Dorset Railway Trust which features a station museum and working steam trains running along a vintage route.
Nearby Exmoor Adventures provides a range of outdoor activities like archery, rock climbing, paddle boarding, canoeing and kayaking along with many more. Or visit Exmoor Owl and Hawk centre to experience these remarkable birds of prey up close as well as other animals and even horse riding.

Before you leave

While exploring everything that Minehead has to offer remember to bring your vape equipment to enjoy your favourite e-liquids. You can stock up on the latest flavours by taking a trip to the Medusa Juice Vape Store in Peterborough and be sure to check out our offers and contests while you’re there. Medusa Juice also offer a fantastic selection of vaping accessories as well as our new clothing line.

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