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The Mundesley entry in the Domesday Book of 1085, lists the civil parish/coastal town as Muleslai. According to those records, the main landholder was William de Warenne, and it also lists a church. Not a huge surprise as religion was like breathing back in those days. This whole area is agriculturally rich and has beautiful shorelines and sunsets.

I can’t say that there’s a whole lot going on in this sleepy little village, but it is still very beautiful and quite charming. The cobblestone walks, the strolls on the beach, all help lend a glow to whatever you’re doing and make it even better to enjoy your Medusa Juice e-liquids and gear.

War And Erosion

There’s a war memorial here to commemorate the service of sailors and volunteers who cleared the North Sea of mines during and after the Second World War. Mundesley church has a World War gun emplacement which is very near the edge of the cliff, due to coastal erosion. All Saints Church in Mundesley was fully restored between the years of 1904 and 1914. It is located on the cliffs above the sea. Be sure to be careful if you’re out walking on the cliff, as it can be dangerous.

Mundesley is a popular seaside holiday destination Due to its sandy beaches, Mundesley is a popular seaside holiday town. You can find a number of holiday chalet and caravan parks there as well as your usual hotels. Slightly to the south of Mundesley, on the road to Paston, stands a popular windmill, Stow Mill. This town became a popular seaside resort in Victorian times, benefiting from its own railway station which closed down in 1964.


Located in the Mun Valley, the village has an historic golf course, designed with the help of six-times Open Champion Harry Vardon. Vardon used to convalesce at the nearby sanitorium while recovering from tuberculosis and his association with the course spanned many years. It is said that he scored his only hole-in-one on what is now the sixth. The course was reduced to nine holes when land was required for wartime farming, which, as you might imagine was very important at that time..

Some of the places you can go while you’re in the area include shops such as, a butcher, a florist, am arts and crafts shop, chemist and convenience stores. Mundesley also has its own medical centre and primary school. So, you’re not completely out of civilization. They also have an awesome adventure island crazy golf park close to the seafront. There is a very small maritime museum which is also the local lookout of the National Coastwatch Institution, a charity offering 365 days lookout in over fifty stations along the British coast.

There are also three pubs in Mundesley. One of the oldest is the Ship Inn situated on the seafront. The pub’s first landlord is listed as being Paul Harrison in 1836. Its flint construction is characteristic of the older parts of the village. The Manor Hotel, also on the seafront, has a public bar in the main building. A little inland, on the road to Paston, is the Royal Hotel, where Lord Nelson is said to have lived for a while. Maybe it’s where he thought up those great quotes. I have been to the pubs listed above and they’re great places to enjoy a drink as well as sit, reflecting and enjoying vaping the latest and greatest Medusa Juice e-liquids. Remember, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, it’s more fun with Medusa Juice vape in your gear.
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