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Newport is waiting

Third largest city in Wales, the old port town of Newport stands on the River Usk, near to the Severn Estuary. Historically an important centre for trade and industry, this beautiful city is filled with sights to see and exciting nightlife. Newport is a hundred and eighty miles from the Medusa Juice Vape Store in Peterborough, so I recommend taking a trip out to visit our store in person. At the Medusa Juice Vape Store you can stock up on your favourite e-liquids as well as checking out the latest addition and new offers available. And whether you visit our Peterborough store or visit online, be sure to take a look at our new clothing line and selection of vaping accessories.
The original Welsh language name for Newport was Casnewydd-ar-Wysg which translates as ‘New castle-on-Usk’ and refers to the original Newport castle built in the 11th century. This Norman fortification was called ‘New Castle’ to distinguish it from earlier castles built in the area. There were bronze age hill forts nearby built to protect the fishing settlements at the mouth of the river. And in Roman times a legionary fortress stood at nearby Caerleon, the remains of this structure can still be seen today.

The countryside

Newport takes its name in the English language from the original Latin name for the settlement, Novus Burgus which means new town. The Roman presence in the area was significant with a large military force and harbour being built nearby. After Roman occupation ended Newport remained an important settlement and the first castle was built by the Normans to protect the river crossing.
In the early 14th century the Norman castle was attacked and set on fire. A few years later the second castle known as Newport Castle was built to safeguard Newport. This second castle was attacked and occupied during the Welsh Revolt in 1402 and the town itself was raided and the Saint Woolos church destroyed.
The castle and town were attacked again by Oliver Cromwell’s troops during the English Civil War in the 17th century. A cannonball from this period was unearthed and is now on display in Newport Museum.
Newport had been an important trade centre for centuries, but during the Industrial Revolution its population grew rapidly. Coal and iron from Wales were in great demand and were transported down rivers and the newly built canals before being shipped out. Newport was Wales’ leading coal port by the early 19th century and was larger than Cardiff until the second half of the century.

Modern times

In 1839 the Newport Rising was a large scale rebellion against authority in mainland Britain. John Frost and 3,000 others marched on Westgate Hotel and were met by a militia force organised by the Mayor. More than twenty marchers were killed and John Frost was transported to Australia for his actions. John Frost Square in the centre of the city is named after him.
With the addition of new docks, Newport continued to expand rapidly during the 19th and 20th centuries. The construction of the Severn Bridge made the city even better connected and paved the way for the new technology companies that dominate the area today. In 2002 Newport was granted city status.
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Newport has a host of sights and activities for visitor, including an incredible selection of historic fortifications. Caerleon, situated in the beautiful countryside near the city is home to an ancient hill fort as well as Roman fortress, amphitheatre and baths which are well worth a visit for the views and history. Newport Castle itself is within the city, on the West bank of the River Usk and within easy walking distance of other attractions.

Forward looking

Newport Cathedral was originally St Woolos church and retains a blend of the original Norman architecture and more recent additions. Other prominent sights of the city include Newport Transporter bridge, built a hundred years ago and one of only a handful of Transporter bridges in the world. Visitors can climb the bridge and admire the view as they walk across the top.
As a city with a long history it should be no surprise that Newport has a number of museums to view. The National Roman Legion Museum tells the history of Roman occupation in Wales with displays of Roman artefacts. The Newport Medieval Ship Project focuses on a 15th century ship discovered by archaeologists on the West bank of the river and the huge restoration project underway to restore the ship.
The Riverfront Theatre and Arts centre is multi-function venue hosting hundreds of performances, screenings and workshops. For those looking for more adventurous family fun, Newport has a range of other wonderful activities too. The trampoline park and Funky Monkeys Newport offer the chance to get active while Fear and Rolling Skatepark is a great place for skateboarders.
And of course Newport isn’t short on retail, restaurants and nightlife to enjoy. You’ll find a range of stores and shopping centres as well as clubs, bars and restaurants offering a variety of food, drinks and music like Le Pub and The Carpenters.

On down the line

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