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North Walsham: The woods are alive with owls

When you’re in the North Walsham area and looking for the newest places to see or things to do, keep in mind that Medusa Juice added a Vape shop in both Peterborough and Norwich. If you want to stock up on your favourite e-liquids and gear, now’s the perfect time and be sure to ask about the latest contests going on as you can win everything from Vape Pens to a collection of our signature e-juices. Keep in mind that there are some other wonderful places to visit while in North Walsham such as Bacton Woods and Happisburgh Owls if you’re looking to be outdoors during some of your visit to the area.

It’s always a carnival

If something a bit more quiet is on your to do list, you can try The British Magic Museum or my personal favourite, Norfolk Motorcycle Museum. It’s easy to get lost in there and a day’s gone before you know it. Be sure to put it on the top of your list if you enjoy Motorcycles.
There’s also some great indoor activities to be found in North Walsham for the kids too, such as JR’s, a bowling alley with arcade games and other fun things. And you might also enjoy Sim-Air, which is like an indoor carnival that you can enjoy all year round.

Any day of the week

If nightlife is what you’re looking for, you won’t be disappointed, as there’s several local pubs offering you the newest music available in the area and what better time to enjoy a good Vape from Medusa Juice? Try The Black Swan, White Swan Pub, The KA or The Orchard Gardens pub and take along your favourite e-liquids or while there, you can order online from any of our three stores located in Norwich, Peterborough and King’s Lynn.
Certainly whatever you do, a drive to one of our stores is not only scenic but productive and with the great sales to be found, it’s also thrifty. We won’t be beat and our e-juices are second to none. Be sure to load up on Medusa Juice gear while there. The hoodies are perfect for the cooler weather and you can carry your tank or Vape pen in your pocket.
North Walsham is where Horatio Nelson and his brother attended school. It’s also home to St. Nicolas, which is one of the largest parish churches in the United Kingdom and it houses the second tallest steeple in Norfolk.

At the end of the day

Wherever you go in North Walsham, regardless of the history and sites, there is a new air of freedom and fun to be found. Of course that’s enhanced by the fact that you can go down any street and pick up the fragrant clouds of Medusa Juice vapes floating by. Don’t hesitate to add your own favourite flavours to the mix. Crunchy Apple or Strawbarb Custard both are delicious choices or if you’re looking for something new, try anything from Medusa Juice’s Cloud Series and let North Walsham do the rest.

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