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Nosing around Northam

The town Northam in Devon dates back to Anglo-Saxon times and nearby Northam Burrows is part of the North Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The town itself is also just two hundred and sixty-two miles from the from the Medusa Juice Vape Store in Peterborough. Visit our store and check out the fantastic range of e-liquids and vaping accessories. You won’t find a better selection for your money. And whether you visit one of our shops in person or take advantage of the convenient online store, be sure to take a look at our new line of clothing as well as the latest offers and contests.

History and more

The Northam we know today dates back to Anglo-Saxon period where it was the centre of the local district. The fishing settlement of Appledore was located where Irsha Street stands today and it is believed that there was a castle between Northam and Appledore.
It is also believed that in the 9th century, the Danish Viking chieftain Hubba landed at Appledore with more than thirty ships. Tradition has it that Hubba and a thousand of his men were defeated by Odun, Earl of Devon while marching on the hill fort at Kenwith. Hubba’s men were buried under Bone Hill and these events are reflected in local place names like Odun Road and Hubbastone.
That wasn’t the town’s only encounter with Danish raiders. Northam Woods is home to King Alfred’s Cave which is believed to be where King Alfred hid when being chased by the Vikings.
Prior to the Norman Conquest, Northam was held by King Brictric, a Saxon ruler who controlled a lot of land in England, particularly in the West country. The Domesday Book of 1086 records the district of Torridge where Northam resides as “Tomouth” and lists the small fishing villages and farms in the area.
The navigator Steven Borough was born in Northam in the 16th century. Borough became famous for his expeditions to find a north-east passage to India and China and was made Chief Pilot of England and one of the four Masters of the Queen’s Navy.
During the English Civil War Northam was the site of a battle between Royalists and Parliamentarians. The parish register records that the fifteen year old Prince Charles was at Appledore in 1645 before escaping to the Scilly Isles.
The Royal North Golf Course was founded at Northam Burrows to the north of the town in the 19th century. Royal North remains the oldest course in England still on its original site.
The dangerous coast around Northam has resulted in many shipwrecks throughout the town’s history. In 1900 the Thistlemoor was lost with all hands when it was wrecked in the bay. About forty men died in the disaster and a memorial can be seen today inside the gates to Bone Hill.
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All about town

As well as having a variety of attractions and sites of interest in town, Northam also makes a fantastic central location to visit the surrounding area. Westward Ho Beach and Instow Beach are both close by and offer great facilities with lifeguards and traditional seaside fare including deckchair hire in the summer as well as shops and refreshments.
If you’re looking to get out on the water then consider chartering a boat from Appledore Sails. Or visit The North Devon Surf School to enjoy surfing lessons from this award winning school.
The beautiful coastline around Northam is breathtaking and I recommend following one of the walking trails to experience the views in person. The Appledore And Northam Burrows Walk will take you through the nature reserve as well as the picturesque fishing village. The South West Coast Path begins at Instow and the wonderful scenery includes an old railway line, mansion and a medieval bridge.
Skern Lodge Outdoor Activity Centre in Appledore is within walking distance of town and a great place to visit if you’re looking for something more active and adventurous. The centre offers kayaking, surfing and power boating as well as archery, climbing and much more.
Northam Burrows Country Park, just outside of Northam, is a Site of Special Scientific interest and part of the North Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The country park is home to the Royal North Devon Golf Club and the famous Pebble Ridge as well as a diverse selection of plants and wildlife. The majority of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty can be found across the estuary and is well worth exploring for beautiful beaches, majestic valleys and more wonderful views.
To learn about region’s connection to the sea, take a trip to the North Devon Maritime Museum in Appledore. The maritime museum provides an insight into the shipbuilding and seafaring past of the area, including sailing, steam vessels and shipwrecks.
Northam is surrounded by beautiful scenery for visitors looking to enjoy picturesque countryside, majestic coastlines and wonderfully sculpted gardens. You’ll find Hartland Abbey and Gardens as well as Tapeley Park Gardens just a short journey from town.

One thing to keep in mind

While exploring everything that Northam has to offer remember to bring your vape equipment to enjoy your favourite e-liquids. You can stock up on the latest flavours by taking a trip to the Medusa Juice Vape Store in Peterborough and be sure to check out the latest offers and contests while you’re there. Medusa Juice also offer a fantastic selection of vaping accessories as well as our new clothing line.

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