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Nottingham: Home to the prince of thieves

You don’t have to be a fan or even familiar with the legend of Robin Hood to appreciate all there is to do and see in Nottingham. First of all in my book is the great news that it’s only eighty miles from the Medusa Juice store in King’s Lynn and only eighty-four from the shop in Peterborough. At either one of these can be a wonderful day trip out where you can also get all of your favourite e-liquids, gear and clothing from Medusa Juice.
Nottingham is has an important history in lace making, the tobacco industry and bicycles (Raleigh). It received its City Charter as part of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 1897.

Fortune favours the brave

Nottingham also has an award-winning public transportation system. Which includes the largest publicly-owned bus network in England.
The city itself predates Anglo-Saxon times and was formerly known as Tigguo Cobauc, which in Welsh means ‘place of caves’. Nottingham Castle was constructed in 1068. Built on a sandstone outcrop by the River Leen.
When King Richard returned from the Crusades, the Castle was inhabited by supporters of Prince John, which included the Sheriff of Nottingham.
A great deal of Nottinham’s prosperity is owed to the textile industry, including the making of fine lace. Although today, the area known for lace making has been changed to accommodate other things and is also part of the city’s tourism.

A timeless tree

You will want to visit Old Market Square while in Nottingham. As well as as many of the other landmarks as you can squeeze in, such as, Green’s Windmill, Nottingham Castle Wharf Canalside, Holme Pierrepont Hall, Lowdham Village Hall, The Big Track and Bonington Gallery.
If museums appeal to you, hold onto your hats, because there are a great many for you to peruse here. Wollaton Hall and Park has one, and then there’s the National Justice Museum, Nottingham Industrial Museum, Brewhouse Yard Museum, Framework Knitters Museum, The Robin Hood Legacy, William Booth Birthplace Museum, Dinosaurs of China, The Lace Market Museum, Wollaton Village Dovecote Museum, and The University of Nottingham Museum. If you prefer art galleries, there’s several of those around too. New Art Exchange, Flying Horse Walk, George Thornton Art, P Spowage Art Gallery, Fletcher Gate Art Gallery, and A Room Full of Butterflies.

The games people play

If you’re more in the mood for some escapism, such as escape rooms and so forth, well, you have plenty to select from there too. Logiclock, Escapologic, Cryptology Nottingham, iLocked, The National Videogame Arcade are all great places to let yourself go. There’s also The Adrenalin Jungle, Games Workshop Warhammer World and It’s a Knockout. If you want something really exciting and different, why not try Spheremania Nottingham, Redline Karting, Skirmish Paintball Games Nottingham or Si5 Spy Missions?
There’s plenty to do for adults only too, you could take in a comedy show at The Glee Club Nottingham, test your luck at Nottingham Racecourse, Alea Casino and Dusk Till Dawn. There’s places to take in a film or two such as Savoy Cinema and Showcase Cinema Nottingham.
In the midst of all this fun you’re having, don’t forget that there’s some really great places to enjoy vaping as well. Just walking around town or sitting outside of one of the cafes, or after a tour, why not take the time to try out your newest flavoured e-liquids from Medusa Juice?
If you are a fan of the Robin Hood legend be sure to take the Robin Hood Town Tour or the Nottingham Heroes and Villains Tour, or there’s also a great little ghost walk to be had with The Original Nottingham Ghost Walk Tour. Speaking of tours, there’s also Council House Tours, Flipside Brewery, Virgin Balloon Flights, Theatre Royal Magic Lantern Backstage Tours and don’t forget Madame Parboiled Ink. Those should get you started and if you still want to try a few more tours, there’s plenty available.
You can literally do anything while visiting from scuba and skydiving to driving off road and racing. The only limit is your nerve and desire!
Other great places to visit and enjoy your Medusa Juice Vapes are The City of Caves, Arboretum, Highfields, Woodthorpe Grange Park, Bestwood Country Park and Colwick Woods. You will not suffer from a shortage of green areas to appreciate in this neck of the woods, so get those hiking boots ready and get yourself to Nottingham.

On the way home

You can find any sort of dining experience in Nottingham as well. Anything and everything from cheap eats to fine dining is there and there’s also a great many cafes, coffee shops and tea houses just waiting to serve you, so get out there and enjoy.
Bestwood Country Park has a lovely lake to sit alongside of and enjoy while vaping either your favourite e-liquids from Medusa Juice or your new purchases from one of the shops in Peterborough, King’s Lynn or Norwich. What are you waiting for?

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