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Out in Oundle

If you are looking for a quaint little town in Northamptonshire, which has been inhabited since the Iron age, Oundle is a great place to start. Located on the River Nene and just fifteen miles from Peterborough, Oundle provides an excellent point to embark on a Medusa Juice Tour. Not only do they produce the finest range of e-juices in the United Kingdom, Medusa Juice provides education for vapers, equipment, a great looking new clothing line and an all around good time for any visitors who happen by. You can visit all three stores in one day or just check out the nearest one to you. With locations in Peterborough, Norwich and the original site in King’s Lynn, you are sure to have an experience to remember at any or all of them.

Over there

Oundle was a trade area dating back to the before the Saxon invasion and remains an important part of the general area to this day. One of the few places that went unaffected by the Black Death in the fourteenth century, the town became ever more increasingly prosperous over the centuries and is still a sought after locale for families. They still have a Farmer’s market on the second Saturday of every month and a local market in the Marketplace every Thursday.
Home to lovely parks and gardens, Lyveden New Bield is a great place to enjoy the out of doors with your favourite e-juices from Medusa Juice while taking in the beauty and splendour of this Elizabethan lodge and moated garden. There’s also Barnwell Country Park, which is a great place to take your dogs and enjoy a nice drink or snack while out and about. Oundle also features a lovely brewery, the Nene Valley Brewery, so be sure to stop by there and sample the fine wares available.
Lyveden played a key part in the Gunpowder Plot has seen its fair share of Religious persecution take place.

As time goes by

If you fancy a round of golf, you can enjoy that at the Oundle Golf Club or there’s also a canoe and kayaking experience to be had at Nene Extreme Adventures. Nene Extreme Adventures also offer tours and climbing experiences, as well as being available for hire as a venue for parties of all kinds.
For local history, the Oundle Museum provides a comprehensive and interesting backdrop, regardless of your interests. Great place to take children who may be looking for a subject to write a paper on or just for the novice history buff and even those avid history fans.
Oundle is home to two factories which produce Fairline Boats and is home to the Oundle Festival of Literature and the Oundle Carnival, which has taken place every year since 2009.
Home to some excellent local cuisine, be sure to make time to sample as much of it as you possibly can while in the area. Amongst the moderately priced range are such treats as Tap and Kitchen, Dexter’s Mediterranean Bar and Kitchen, The Chequered Skipper and the White Swan.
If you are not really concerned about a particular price range, and just wish to sample some fine foods, there are ample selections open to you there as well. You could try Brew Babou, The Ship Inn Restaurant, Salerno’s, The Kings Arms, Rose and Crown, and George Inn.
There are several small cafes and bakeries which are notable as well, and I would be remiss were I not to mention these. Beans Coffee Shop is a nice coffee house. The Hub at Fletton House offers tea and cakes which are lovely. The Kingfisher Cafe and Hambleton Bakery are worth a visit as well, so I hope you are at your hungriest while in Oundle.

Put on your dancing shoes

For an overnight or longer stay which provides a bit of atmosphere, why not try Lower Farm Bed and Breakfast, Shuckburgh Arms or The Ship Inn Oundle? All three are lovely and affordable, just make sure to ring first or visit their websites to book accommodations ahead of time. Oundle also offers regular rooms at the Talbot Hotel.
So, as you can see, there’s a great deal of fun and fine foods to be had in Oundle. All that is up for debate is when you will visit and how long you will stay. Everything else is there to enjoy and fit in around your schedule. But don’t forget that while you’re there, you are only fifteen miles from the Medusa Juice store in Peterborough, where there is always something new and exciting going on. From great giveaways to the finest e-liquids in the United Kingdom, you won’t be forgetting the experience anytime soon.

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