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Poking around Peterborough

Peterborough is the largest City in Cambridgeshire and it continues to grow every year. Medusa Juice opened up their second store here earlier this fall and the city has welcomed them warmly.
But then, Peterborough is just that sort of place, although it’s population is well over 100,000 they maintain a smaller community mindset. You can feel it all around you when you visit here and trust me, the visit is worth every minute you can manage to spend here.
Medusa Juice is always a must see when you’re in town because even if you yourself do not vape, someone you know will and you won’t find a better shop to pick up favourite e-juices and equipment or even some great looking Medusa Juice clothing.

Food and drink

There are interesting things to do and see in Peterborough all year round and no matter what your particular interest, be it history, nature, shopping or dining there is something here for you to enjoy. You can spend a few hours, days or longer here and never be bored.
There are some wonderful places to dine and shop in Peterborough, and no matter what you fancy, you can easily find somewhere to suit you. From the lovely parks such as Nene Park, Central Park and Castor Hanglands National Nature Reserve, you can fill your day with the beauty that makes up this area. Or visit one of the Fens like Flag Fen or Holme Fen. The Fens are so unique and interesting. Be sure to take your favourite Medusa e-liquid so you can enjoy it in these lovely surroundings.

Other things to do

If you prefer a bit of history or want to appreciate some of the local architecture, you could try visiting Burghley House, a Tudor-era, Italian-influenced mansion and gardens but the gardens are closed during the winter. Or there’s Peterborough Cathedral, Longthorpe Tower or Crowland Abbey to name just a few of the local things you can see while here.
Black Cherry by Medusa Juice is a great Vape to enjoy out and about in Peterborough or perhaps you would enjoy Custard King which is a great replica of warmed vanilla custard. Whatever flavour you want to use, you will find that Medusa Juice has managed to create the truest replica of it around.
If Shopping is on the agenda, Peterborough has that covered too, there’s Queensgate Shopping Centre, Peterborough One Retail Park and Rivergate Shopping Centre just to give you a few ideas of places you can enjoy some retail therapy. Of course, there are many smaller shops in and around the area that are well worth checking out as well.

One more for the road

Don’t forget that the highlight of your time in Peterborough should be Medusa Juice. They’re located at 44b Fletton High Street, Peterborough, PE2 8EL. Grab a bite to eat in town at one of the many types of dining establishments ranging from fast food to top notch fine cuisine. The choice is yours and I don’t envy you that because there’s a lot to have to choose from. However, wherever you go and whatever you decide to do, Medusa Juice will be there for you, either online or at their stores. Don’t forget to stock up on your favourites.

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