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Perusing Pudsey

Pudsey is a bit different in that it was considered an independent city until 1974, when it officially became a part of Leeds. But no matter where you consider it belonging to, there’s no denying that it’s a lovely little market town in its own right and one of those perfect places to enjoy your favourite e-liquid flavours from the Medusa Juice Vape Shops in King’s Lynn, Peterborough and Norwich.

Up close and personal

When I first came to Pudsey, I found it home to a thriving market in the square and a town filled with quaint homes and gardens. It also houses a few city gardens and Pudsey Park is not only lovely, it is home to a Pet’s Corner, aquarium, birdhouses and tropical greenhouse. All of these make the day spent within a memorable experience and well worth the time spent in any or all. It’s also home to the Pudsey Bear, which is the mascot for ‘Children in Need’. The one in Pudsey Park is made of vegetation and lovely all year round.
As I mentioned, Pudsey is a quaint little place which houses a great selection of gift and charity shops as well as chain stores, including a large ASDA. There’s something here for everyone and it has a small town feeling that lends itself to making you feel more relaxed and at home. It’s an interesting mix and the economy of the city is strong. It supports people of all faiths and the jobs are equally diverse, giving the entire city a stable environment.
The market is open on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and you can purchase produces, books, sweets, clothes, handbags and plants just for starters. On any given day you can find all sorts of reasonably priced items. The vendors are helpful and friendly. It’s a great way to find some of the local goodies for good prices.
Pudsey shops were the first in the country to get together and offer a loyalty scheme. I personally love this and think everywhere should follow it their footsteps.
The history of the town is interesting too. It’s name is first recorded in the Domesday book in 1086 as Podechesai. Early in the sixth century, Pudsey was in the kingdom of Elmet, which retained its Celtic for another two centuries, despite the neighboring kingdoms adopted the Angles identity. Around the year 1775, one hundred Roman coins predating the time of Julius Caesar was found in an area called ‘King Alfred’s Camp’ by Benjamin Scholfield. Can you imagine how many delicious e-liquids that would buy you from Medusa Juice Vape Shop? At their great prices, I dare say you’d be set for life and probably most of your friends as well. I feel certain you’d have one heck of a collection at the very least!

A little bit of this and that

Pudsey became famous for wool manufacture in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and then for Cricket in the late 19th century. Such exciting talents as Sir Len Hutton, Herbert Sutcliffe, Ray Illingworth and Matthew Hoggard all learned to play in Pudsey. A 19th century Yorkshire cricketer, John Tunnicliffe, was born in Lowtown. He’s still thought of fondly in the town and rightly so.
At one time, during the industrial revolution, Pudsey was one of the most polluted areas in England. Due to it being located in a valley between two very large industrial cities, Leeds and Bradford, winds from any direction would cover the town in soot. Not a very nice thought, and fortunately one that is no longer true today.
There’s a fun children’s museum, called the Rainbow Factory, so if you want to take the kids somewhere fun and different while in Pudsey, I can highly recommend it. If you want something more for adult time you can enjoy a few drinks and such at the Fox and Grapes, The Erv Inn, The Commercial, Cafe Liqueur, or my personal favourite, the Bankhouse Inn. Great food and a friendly staff really helps set it apart.
Pudsey’s Town Hall is noteworthy due to its energy efficient lighting which is lovely at night when all the different coloured lights shine out over the street below. Other really nice attributes in the town are the Pudsey In Bloom planters and baskets which fill the town and are changed out to highlight the different flowers in season all year round. It is no small thing and makes you feel better as you pass them, whether by car or walking through the city centre.
If you enjoy charity shops, you’d be hard pressed to find finer ones than Pudsey has to offer. You quite honestly can find exceptional deals in any and all of them. Personally, I’d go to Pudsey for those alone! But trust me, you don’t have to shop charity shops, there’s some great little places in town. They have a great little jewellery store, Shaw’s does everything from repairs to sizing and revamping as well as selling new and used quality pieces. If you’re looking for good meat, try Bentley’s or Frank Eshelby Butchers will see you set up with the finest, freshest meat possible.
Something I found quite interesting too is that Pudsey has quite a few GEOCACHE locations, and if that’s something you enjoy, be sure to check out the coordinates and get out there grabbing up treasures.
The schools are very good in Pudsey, so if you’re looking to relocate with children you won’t be disappointed in that regard either. There are also outdoor things to enjoy which include horseback riding tours at Wadlands Hall Equestrian Centre and The Fulneck Golf Club. Be sure to spend time at both if you can.

Exit stage left

Regardless of where you go in town or what other recreational activities you try, be sure you’re stocked up on your favourite Medusa Juice e-juices. If you haven’t checked out the newest flavours or deals on equipment, you can either order online or through Facebook, or just take a nice drive and visit one of the three shops in King’s Lynn, Peterborough or Norwich. While you’re there, be sure to sign up for the incredible giveaways and don’t forget to pick yourself or a loved one something from the new clothing line.

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