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Relishing Ross-on-Wye

As the name suggests, Ross-on-Wye is located on the banks of the River Wye. Situated at the northern edge of the Forest of Dean, this picturesque market town is surrounded by beautiful countryside that helps make it a wonderful place to visit. Ross-on-Wye is also just one hundred and forty miles from the from the Medusa Juice Vape Shop in Peterborough. While at the Medusa Juice Vape Store be sure to check out our range of e-liquids and vaping accessories, you won’t find a better selection for your money. And whether you visit one of our stores in person or shop online, take a look at our new line of clothing as well as the latest offers and contests.

Throughout history

The town has been around since Norman times and was originally known simply as ‘Ross’ only becoming ‘Ross-on-Wye’ in the 1930s to avoid confusion with similarly named towns. In the 11th century the Domesday Book mentions Ross as a village and manor owned by the Bishop of Hereford. At this time Ross was already a well established village with a mill and church.
Being located on the main trade routes between South Wales and London helped the town grow and Ross received a royal charter in the 12th century granting it the right to hold a market. Becoming a market town allowed Ross to develop further and by the 13th century the town was thriving with a number of shops and market stalls as well as mills and iron forges.
In the 16th century a stone bridge was built over the Wye, replacing the ferries and fords that were used in the past. This infrastructure helped the town grow faster but in the following century the population was devastated by plague. Over three hundred people were killed by the disease in the year 1637 and a memorial dedicated to the loss now stands outside of Saint Mary’s church.
Ross-On-Wye promotes itself as the birthplace of British tourism. In 1745 Dr John Egerton, rector of the parish church started taking his friends on boat trips from the rectory. The idea caught on as people were attracted to the picturesque scenery of the Wye Valley including its incredible landscapes as well as castles and abbeys. By the end of the 18th century the first illustrated tour guide in Britain was published about the Wye Valley and soon after the number of visitors increased dramatically. By the following century there were several boat tours operating out of Ross and the area became a well-established tourist destination.

Moving into the modern day

River trade on the Wye declined after the arrival of the railways in the 19th century. By this time Ross was already one of England’s favourite tourist destinations and the town embraced this role. Today Ross-on-Wye is still a thriving centre for tourism, attracting visitors from far and wide to enjoy the beautiful scenery and historic sights.
Ross-on-Wye is as popular now as it has been for centuries and as you take in the picturesque views consider a trip out to the Medusa Juice Vape Shop in Peterborough. Our store is just a few hours away and you can pick up your favourite e-liquids to enjoy while exploring all that Ross-on-Wye has to offer. Be sure to visit one of our stores or the online shop to keep up to date with the latest offers and the newest additions to our range of e-liquids. And while you’re there take a look at the vaping accessories we have to offer as well as our new clothing line. You won’t find a better selection or better prices.
Ross-on-Wye and the surrounding countryside are filled with beautiful scenery and places of historic interest. If you’re looking for a taste of this rich past then check out ‘In The Footsteps Battlefield Tours’ where expert tour guides will show you the places where battles took place while giving insight into what the soldiers went through.
Follow up the battlefield tours with a trip to one or both of the castles near Ross-on-Wye. Goodrich Castle, located four miles out of town in the spectacular countryside is one of the best preserved medieval castles in England. The castle offers amazing views from the battlements, plenty of historical information and a great tea room. Wilton Castle is closer to town, situated on the banks of the River Wye in the small village of Wilton. The ruins of this 12th century castle are well worth a look and have undergone a major restoration project in recent decades.
The picturesque river and the pleasures of a boat tour have been attracting tourists to the town for centuries and still remain popular today. As well as traditional boat tours visitors can also hire their own boats and enjoy canoeing through beautiful scenery. And if you prefer to keep your feet on dry land there are plenty of hiking trails and sightseeing tours so you can enjoy the Wye Valley up close.
Ross-on-Wye has plenty of activities to check out, including a hedge maze and butterfly zoo where visitors can enjoy beautiful free-flying butterflies. And if you’re looking for relaxation the town is also home to a spa as well as a number of parks and gardens so you can enjoy the tranquil beauty at your own pace.
This historic market town has plenty of pubs and restaurants, whether you’re looking for traditional local fare or something more exotic. And the range of interesting, independent boutiques will please fans of retail looking for rare treats and unusual items.

Saying good-bye to Ross-on-Why

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