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Salisbury is Stonehenge and more

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Salisbury is a cathedral city in Wiltshire. Located on the southeast part of Wiltshire, it’s near the edge of the Salisbury Plain. The cathedral was formerly located at ‘Old Sarum’ further north. A settlement sprung up around it following its relocation. The hilltop at Old Sarum lies near the Neolithic sites of Stonehenge and Avebury. It shows signs of very early settlement.
Stonehenge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is about eight miles northwest of the city and receives thousands of visitors each year from all over the world.

How it got its name

The city’s name, Salisbury was first recorded around 900 as Searoburg. The city itself is located in a valley which consists of mainly chalk. The rivers which flow through the area have been redirected and feed into public gardens such as the Queen Elizabeth Gardens.
The present day Salisbury Cathedral was built in a mere thirty-eight years after it began in 1221. Legend has it that the site was chosen by shooting an arrow from Old Sarum. Or the legend is expounded to say that the arrow struck a white deer, which continued to run and eventually died on the spot where they chose to build the cathedral. Which like most more modern religious stories, has a strong background in Pagan lore.
At any rate, after the construction, New Sarum became the place to be and in 1227 it officially became a city as proclaimed by King Henry III. By the fourteenth century, it was the largest settlement in Wiltshire. A city wall surrounds the close and it used stones gathered from the former cathedral at Old Sarum. The wall has five gates, the High Street Gate, St Ann’s Gate, the Queen’s Gate, and St Nicholas’ Gate were the original. A fifth one was constructed later, in the nineteenth century.

Old and New Sarum

In 1450, several riots broke out in Salisbury about the same time as Jack Cade led a famous rebellion throughout London. There was no one reason for the riots, although it seems very likely that the declining profits from Salisbury’s cloth trade may have played a key part.
After the Great Plague of London, Charles II held court in Salisbury’s Cathedral Close. Salisbury was where James II chose to gather his forces in resistance to the Glorious Revolution in 1688.
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Some of Salisbury’s most notable historic sites are The Close, Old Sarum, Wilton House, The Poultry Cross Salisbury, High Street Gate and Newhouse. If you’re looking for something along the blood and guts line, you can take the Boomerang Battlefield Tours and get your fill.
Salisbury has some lovely buildings which are worth visiting and these include Arundells, Salisbury Market Place, Salisbury Guildhall and if you want something truly special, make sure you see Stonehenge and the Great Yews. When I tell you that you can actually reach out and touch magic in these places, you can take it as gospel! I first visited it long after they stopped letting people touch the stones except on the Solstices and so I walked barefoot around the entire thing and could feel the an incredible energy. That was magnified a thousand times when I was fortunate enough to go back on the Solstice and actually touch the stones. It is probably my most favourite memory ever and that comes amidst a lot of very fine memories.

Surrounding area

Be sure to visit a few of the local museums if you can and depending on what your interests are, I’m sure you can find something to your liking. Whether it be the Salisbury Museum, Fisherton Mill, Boscombe Down Aviation Museum, The Wardrobe or The New Art Centre. Stonehenge also has a nice museum of sorts on site and so don’t forget to check that out.
Stonehenge also has a guided tour and there’s several other tours that incorporate a visit there as well. Or you can go skydiving at GoSkyDive, or GoFly if you want to tour the area from the air. If you prefer something with an old time feel, try Wessex Carriage Driving. Or there’s the New Forest Walking Adventures if you prefer to get your feet moving out and about. The ponies there are always good for some entertainment and I have literally had them stick their head into my car while there. One time I had to get out and move one of the ponies out of the road, because he was blocking traffic in both directions. I now carry rope in my car at all times in case something of a similar nature arises ever again.

As you travel

For some retail therapy, try Old George Mall, or Crosskeys Arcade. Of course, there’s loads of smaller speciality shops in Salisbury as well and they make for a lovely afternoon out and about if you have the time and inclination. Two of my favourites are Glover and Smith Handmade Pewter and Claire Demetri Glass Design. Don’t miss either of those if you can avoid it.
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