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Slip into Scarborough

Scarborough is one of England’s most visited seaside resort towns. Its rugged rocky headland and colourful seaside on the South Bay as well as the bright beach huts of the award-winning sandy North Bay, Scarborough offers everything you could possibly need for a classic beachside break. Including the pleasure you’ll have vaping your favourite e-liquids from Medusa Juice Vape Shop.

Some facts about Scarborough

Located on the North Sea coast of North Yorkshire, Scarborough has one of the most striking natural promitories, capped beautifully with the ruins of Scarborough Castle. The South Bay was the original Medieval settlement and along with the harbour help to form the old town.
The town itself is believed to have been started by a Viking raider, Thorgils Skarthi, although there is no real proof of this. We do know that in the 4th century there had been a Roman signal station located there. Along the headland there is evidence of much earlier occupation in both the Stone Age and Bronze Age.
The new settlement was soon burned to the ground by a rival band of Vikings under Tosti, Lord of Falsgrave, and Harald III of Norway. The destruction and massacre meant that little remained to be recorded in the Domesday survey of 1085. The original inland village of Falsgrave was also Saxon rather than Viking.
Scarborough recovered under King Henry II, who built an Angevin stone castle on the headland and granted the town charters in 1155 and 1163. He permitted a market on the sands and establishing rule by burgesses. Edward II granted Scarborough Castle to his favourite, Piers Gaveston. The castle was subsequently besieged by forces led by the barons Percy, Warenne, Clifford and Pembroke. Gaveston was captured and taken to Oxford and thence to Warwick Castle for execution.
Scarborough and its castle changed hands seven times between Royalists and Parliamentarians during the English Civil War of the 1640s, enduring two lengthy and violent sieges. Following the civil war, much of the town lay in ruins.
Elizabeth Farrow discovered a stream of acidic water running from one of the cliffs to the south of the town in the year 1626. This gave birth to Scarborough Spa, and Dr Wittie’s book about the spa waters published in 1660 attracted a flood of visitors to the town. Scarborough Spa became Britain’s first seaside resort. It was a popular getaway destination for the wealthy of London.
When the Grand Hotel was completed in 1867, it was one of the largest hotels in the world and one of the first giant purpose-built hotels in Europe. Four towers represent the seasons, twelve floors represent the months, fifty-two chimneys represent the weeks and originally three hundred sixty-five bedrooms represented the days of the year. A blue plaque just outside of the hotel marks where the novelist Anne Brontë died in 1849. She was buried in the graveyard of St Mary’s Church by the castle.
While in Scarborough, you will find ample opportunity to enjoy your gear and delicious e-liquids from Medusa Juice. If you find yourself running low, you can order online, through Facebook or visit one of the three shops located in King’s Lynn, Peterborough and Norwich.

Where to go and what to see

While in Scarborough, you won’t want to miss out on all of the great sights and landmarks. No matter where your interests lie, you can find plenty to occupy your time. Family fun or adult recreation, it’s all available in Scarborough.
Obviously the beach plays a vital part in the town’s history as well as housing tourist attractions. Some of the more popular attractions are The Regal Lady boat tours, Scarborough to Whitby Rail Trail, Hidden Horizons, a nature and wildlife tour, Scarborough Pleasure Steamers. All of these offer different perspectives and views of the area so it’s really up to you to choose one or more for the best adventure suited to you and your family.
Wild Encounters offers a zoo for you all to enjoy and there’s also several different parks you can visit with guides or on your own, depending on your personal preference.
If you enjoy museums, there’s several for you to visit while in town, such as The Scarborough Fair Collection, Rotunda Museum, Scarborough Maritime Heritage Centre, Space Myth and Magic and then finally, Filey Museum. Don’t forget to visit the art galleries in town as well. There’s something for everyone at The Art Room, Tracy Savage Fine Art Gallery, Coast Gallery and Scarborough Art Gallery.
Scarborough SEA LIFE Sanctuary provides hours of fun and interesting things to see for the entire family. Be sure to get your kids out to see the wildlife if possible. You’ll come away with a whole new appreciation for sea life after visiting.
There are four theatres in Scarborough, so you won’t have any problem finding shows, concerts and the like at any of or all of them. They are as follows; Stephen Joseph Theatre, The Spa Scarborough, YMCA Theatre and Scarborough Open Air Theatre. Be sure to catch a show if you get the chance while visiting.
Of course you can just spend all of your time at the beach and the arcades if you prefer. There’s no shortage of places to eat and drink while you’re there either. Everything from a simple cup of coffee or tea, to a fine dining experience can be found quite easily all along the seaside. In the fine dining range, you can try 1881 at Wrea Head Hall, Jeremy’s, Laterna or Courtyard Restaurant at Ox Pasture Hall Hotel. You can also book a room there if so inclined.
If you just want a quick and refreshing cup of something hot or cold, try Cafe View, Yay Coffee!, Espresso Yourself or The Seastrand. They’ll see you set right in no time at all.

Don’t forget this

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