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Slipping into Selby

The town of Selby, a good sized town on the main route north from the Midlands, was the birthplace of King Henry I, who was the fourth son of William the Conqueror. Selby is a lovely place to spend a few days and is perfect for enjoying your favourite Medusa Juice e-liquids, equipment or sporting one of their newly designed clothing items.

History and Lore

The town’s origins date from the establishment of a Viking settlement on the banks of the River Ouse. Archaeological investigations in Selby have revealed extensive remains, including waterlogged deposits in the core of the town dating from the Roman period onwards. William and his wife Matilda, jointly chartered the Selby Abbey, far to the north of their usual circuit of activities, which was founded for Benedict of Auxerre in 1069, and subsequently supported by the de Lacy family. King Henry I is reputed to have been born there in either 1068 or 1069. A notable feature of the abbey is the 14th century Washington Window, featuring the heraldic arms of the ancestors of George Washington, the first president of the United States. The design is often cited as an influence for the Stars and Stripes flag.
During the English Civil War, there was also a very important battle named the Battle of Selby. There are many other historical sites, like the cholera burial ground on the north side of the abbey, the market cross and the local school, Selby High School. The Marketplace has existed since the early 14th century when the market was moved away from the monastery churchyard. The Crescent which curves eastwards from James Street was planned in the early 19th century by a local man, John Audus, after seeing Lansdown Crescent in Bath, Somerset.
Selby was also a centre for shipbuilding, with vessels launched into the river. This often required the more unusual technique of launching the vessels side-on into the river due to lack of space for a more conventional stern first or bow first launch. One famous vessel of the Cochrane and Son’s shipyard of the town is the preserved trawler Ross Tiger at Grimsby National Fishing Heritage Centre. Cochrane launched their last vessel into the Ouse in 1998, a historical occasion which people around the area went to see.
Selby is expanding to become a larger town. New houses and shops are being built on the present town’s outskirts with the expansion of the town stretching as far as the bypass, although this has resulted in the loss of some trade from the town centre. Meanwhile, the riverfront area is being revamped with modern housing and fashionable flats.
There’s so many things you can do and see while in Selby that you won’t want to be without your favourite e-liquids and equipment from Medusa Juice Vape shop while enjoying the scenic and historic town. Pack up your goodies or be sure to order from their website or take a drive to one of the three Medusa Juice Vape Shops in King’s Lynn, Peterborough and Norwich.

Here and there

Whether you want some family time or just a getaway for the grown ups, Selby provides you with plenty to satisfy either desire. There’s some great historical sites to visit and soak up the ambiance of the city, or you can go clubbing, see a film, etc. You truly are the masters of your own fate when you visit here.
The Selby Abbey is a large and impressive building, and the interior holds a great deal of historical interest. The windows are particularly impressive, as is the ceiling. There are very good information boards throughout to both guide and inform the visitor of history behind the Abbey. You won’t want to miss this! Another good place to visit is Abbot’s Staith. If you like history and old buildings in general, this is a must see. The staff are knowledgeable of the building and the local area. Holy Trinity Church is also worth a visit, so be sure to leave yourself time for that while in Selby.
If you enjoy theatre and the like, Selby has two great venues to offer for your viewing pleasure. Both Selby Town Hall and The Jorvik Theatre and Arts Centre are excellent and delightful. I’ve been to several different events at the Selby Town hall venue, including music gigs, plays and films, and enjoyed it every time. The sound system is brilliant, the refreshments on offer are good value and the parking is free, which is always nice. The tickets are sensibly priced and although you can’t reserve seating, most of the seats have a good view.
If nature is important to you, well, you’re in luck in Selby, because there are two Nature Reserves. Barlow Common Nature Reserve and the Skylark Centre. You can get in touch with your nature loving self as well as many animals which you may not come into contact with in your day-to-day life. There’s also Selby Park and Stillingfleet Gardens to fulfill your need for outdoor beauty and serenity. So, remember to get your walking shoes on and hit the trails!
Selby Water and Amusement Park offers the opportunity to get wet and have a blast. You can bowl there and get fit in the gym which is well maintained and open all year round. You can also use the climbing walls if you’re of a mind to. There’s plenty to keep the entire family occupied here.

Along the way

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