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Scamper into Skipton

Skipton is a market town in North Yorkshire. It takes its name from “Shipton” meaning sheep farm. Like many other northern towns, it’s a blend of cobblestone roads, landmarks and new buildings. Skipton blends the both of old and new effortlessly and is a great place to enjoy your favourite Medusa Juice e-liquids, equipment and clothing. Whether you use it as a starting point to one of the three Medusa Juice Vape shops or just take your goodies with you, Skipton provides a lovely getaway.

History and Commerce

Skipton was important during the English Civil War and was the site of a prisoner of war camp during the First World War. One of the oldest mills in North Yorkshire, High Corn Mill is powered by the waters of Eller Beck, and dates to 1310 when it was owned by Robert de Clifford. It was transferred to the powerful Clifford family by the then King Edward II. The mill as it appears today is only half of what used to exist when two mills were in operation to produce corn for the whole of Skipton. The mill has been completely redesigned, from the mill grounds to the buildings themselves. The outside walls of the mill have been sandblasted and the two main buildings of the old mill have been turned into flats, with one stand-alone building yet to be redesigned, touched or Sandblasted.
Skipton Castle was built in 1090 as a wooden motte-and-bailey by Robert de Romille, a Norman baron. Then, during the 12th century William le Gros strengthened it with a stone keep to repel attacks from the Kingdom of Scotland. The castle elevated Skipton from a poor dependent village to a burgh administered by a reeve. The protection offered by Skipton Castle during the Middle Ages encouraged the urbanisation of the surrounding area, and during times of war and disorder the town attracted an influx of families. It is now one of the most complete and best preserved medieval castles in England and is open to the public.
Skipton became a prosperous market town, trading sheep and woollen goods: its name derives from the Old English sceap (sheep) and tun (town or village). A market stemming from its formative years still survives. In the 19th century, Skipton emerged as a small mill town connected to the major cities by the Leeds and Liverpool Canal and its branch Thanet Canal, (known locally as ‘Springs branch canal’), but during the 20th century Skipton’s economy shifted to tourism, aided by its historic architecture and proximity to the Yorkshire Dales. Since 1974, Skipton has been the seat of Craven District Council. The Skipton Building Society was founded in the town. In 2016 Skipton was voted the best place to live in England for the second time, having been voted for by the Sunday Times, Two years prior.
Chocolatier Whittakers, now based in the town, was established in 1889 in nearby Cross Hills. Ida Whittaker began making chocolates there in 1903, taught by the wife of the vicar of Kildwick. Another important company to the area is Skipton Building Society, which employs a great deal of the local population.
There’s always something to do and see in Skipton and this makes it ideal for enjoying your favourite Medusa Juice e-liquids, equipment and clothing. Stock up before you go, or simply visit their online store and try one or more of their latest flavours.

Don’t forget this

Nature is big in Skipton and so if you are of a mind, be sure to visit Hesketh Farm Park, Thornton Hall Farm Country Park, or one or more of the parks available for your pleasure. Such as Skipton Castle Woods, Cliffe Castle Museum and Park and The Leeds and Liverpool Canal. There’s also some buildings and sites of note, St Mary The Virgin Church, Statue of Sir Mathew Wilson, Skipton War Memorial and The Freddie Trueman Statue are but a few you may enjoy while visiting the town. Skipton Castle is a must see as well.
There’s several ways to tour the area, including Boat hire, Land Rover experiences, Helicopter Rides, Boat Tours, Sightseeing Tours, Wine Tasting Tours and day trips are just some of the things you can experience while here. You can go bowling, catch a film, play mini golf at Aireville Park or enjoy the pool and exercise room at Craven Swimming Pool and Fitness Centre.
There’s no shortage of pubs and places to enjoy a bit of adult time either, some of my favourites were The Beer Engine, The Wooly Sheep Pub, Early Days and Ackroyds. The Falcon Inn and Cross Keys are nice too. You can also get a great cup of coffee or tea at Coffee Clay.
If you had a bit of shopping in mind, you’re covered there too. Try Skipton Market, Out Of The Ordinary, Sarsaparillas, Sophie’s Handbags and Accessories, East End and Maud’s House. There’s a lovely little art gallery too, Mill Bridge Gallery.
Don’t forget to try the local cuisine while in Skipton. Such places as Keelham Farm Shop, Le Caveau, The Tempest Arms Restaurant, The Castle Inn are but a few fine places to dine. If you’re looking for something in the moderate range, you won’t have any difficulty finding that either. Be sure to try Helene’s Tea Room, Two Sisters Bar and Kitchen, Brodys and The Narrow Boat. Each of these provide excellent food for not a lot of money. Whatever you’ve got a craving for, Skipton can satisfy it and all without breaking your bank.

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