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What does one say about Snettisham? Certainly, this village is indicative of the general area and is home to the Snettisham RSPB reserve, which is so important being situated as it is, along the Wash. Snettisham RSPB reserve is a nature reserve, which is in the care of the Royal Society for the protection of Birds. It consists of bird lagoons and bird observation hides, including a rotary hide. The area around the Wash makes this an ideal place for a reserve and you can enjoy birdwatching on your visits or just stroll around while enjoying your Medusa Juice e-liquids.

The coast of Snettisham around the reserve is often said to be “where Norfolk stares at Lincolnshire”. This is most likely due to the fact that unlike much of Norfolk’s coast where the sea stretches to the horizon, Snettisham looks across the square-mouthed estuary of the Wash at the county of Lincolnshire. Which is a mere fifteen miles away. The River Ingol runs to the south of the village upon which stands the now unused Snettisham watermill.

Women Who War

The Domesday book has a rather complicated entry for Snettisham. It has it divided in ownership between William de Warenne and the Bishop of Bayeux. Related berwicks are West Newton and Castle Rising Although there is a line suggesting that Weston Longville is in the Snettisham valuation as well. The name of the manor is spelled four different ways. Two of them are very similar to the present pronunciation, one of Snesham and one of Nestesham.

We know that the Iceni tribe lived and travelled in this area, as well as it being a launching point for their many skirmishes with the Romans. This entire area was once totally under the control of the Romans. Then Boudicca led an uprising against them, which very nearly cast them out of Britain completely. Now, that’s a woman! I love learning new things about her and her tribe and many is the hour I have sat in this area and enjoyed a new Medusa Juice e-liquid flavour while imagining her daily life and that of her daughters and the warriors who fought for her.

As with nearly all English towns and villages, there is a prominent church located here in Snettisham. St. Mary’s Church has a one hundred-seventy-two foot high spire and Nikolaus Pevsner believe it to be “the most exciting decorated church in Norfolk.” Which may not be the most glowing compliment.

Things To See And Do

One of the more interesting finds in a farmer’s field was discovered in 1985. A clay pot which dated back to AD 155 was unearthed and found to contain what is now referred to as the Snettisham Jeweller’s Hoard. This held nearly one hundred eighty gold torcs. A full seventy-five were complete and the rest were in fragments, but this was valuable in both the metal quantity and the information it provided to us. It appears that there was a long tradition of gold and silver working in this area.

Another good place to visit is Snettisham Park. This is a 329 acre Working Farm. A trip to the farm can provide the entire family with exciting adventures. You can watch lambs being born. Take the spectacular forty-five minute deer safari, where you can meet our the red deer herd. You and the kids can bottle feed lambs, collect fresh farm eggs and ride ponies. Or you as well as take a walk on one of three wonderful trails while enjoying a great vape experience with any of your Medusa Juice e-liquids. And while you’re in the area, why not drive down to King’s Lynn and check out the kiosk in the bus station or the very first Medusa Juice Vape Shop? If you prefer, you can go to either of the Norwich or Peterborough stores or hell, go see them all. It’s a great time and worth the trip!

There are still traces of the railway station and railway line which can still be seen in Snettisham. While it was opened in 1862, it was terminated in 1969. I guess a hundred years isn’t all that bad of a run. I do have to say though, I wouldn’t have minded taking a trip by rail here while vaping the latest and greatest of Medusa Juice e-liquids.

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