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Stirring it up in Southwold

The small coastal town of Southwold lies at the mouth of the River Blyth within an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. And there’s so much to see and do in and around this beautiful town. Southwold is also just thirty-one miles from the Medusa Juice Vape Shop in Norwich, so you can explore the town and still have time to visit our store in person. Check out our amazing range of e-liquids as well as vaping accessories and our clothing line. You won’t find a better selection for your money and you can always explore our convenient online store if you prefer. Be sure to visit regularly, in person or online, to get the most out of our offers, contest and the latest additions to our range of e-liquids.


As well as being surrounded by beautiful countryside and coastal views, the town’s location has made it a prominent fishing and trading port for centuries. Southwold itself first appears in the Domesday Book in the year 1086 and it received its town charter from Henry VII in 1489.
While the River Blyth helped the town grow, it also caused difficulties as the shifting shingle across the harbour mouth prevented larger trading vessels from reaching the town. As a result of this reduced river traffic Southwold remained a more modest and picturesque town and this is reflected in the beauty of Southwold today.
In 1659 a fire devastated the town, destroying houses and damaging the 12th century St Edmunds Church. The fire left a number of open spaces in Southwold that were turned into picturesque green spaces and utilised as fire breaks to help reduce the risk of such a catastrophic fire happening again. This collection of parks and village greens helps give the town its genteel, peaceful appearance.
Six eighteen pounder cannons stand on display above the beach at Gun Hill, commemorating the Battle of Sole Bay in 1672. During this engagement, the English and French fleets fought against a Dutch force off the coast. Southwold Museum has an exhibit with more details on the battle as well as historic artefacts from the event on display.
During World War I it was believed that seeing the historic cannons at Gun Hill was what provoked attacks from the German Navy. The cannons were removed from display during World War II to avoid another bombardment and were later restored to Gun Hill after the war.
The famous pier at Southwold was built in 1900 but was ravaged by storms in the 1930s and suffered further damage during World War II. The pier remained in a state of disrepair for decades with sections of the once majestic structure destroyed completely. Major refurbishment in recent years has restored the pier to its former glory and it has become a major tourist attraction, drawing in visitors from around the world.
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Out and about

There are so many places to visit in and around Southwold, including theatres, distilleries and even a maize maze, but a good place to start is the famous Southwold Pier. This iconic, picture postcard location is steeped in history but has also received many recent improvements. Take a walk over the waters and enjoy great food at the restaurant or cafes and even some retail therapy with a selection of stores. And if that wasn’t enough the pier also offers entertainments with music and shows as well as a range of games.
Located in the heart of the beautiful Suffolk Heritage Coast, it should be no surprise that the beach at Southwold is spectacular. Sandy dunes stretch out for miles with beach cafes and the traditional wooden beach huts. Surprisingly peaceful compared to other beaches of the same quality, visitors can easily lose track of time enjoying the idyllic experience.
Boat tours and the Southwold Lighthouse provide a different perspective on the beautiful scenery. If you don’t mind the climb, a tour of the lighthouse leads to some wonderful views and a trip across the waters will let you see the coast from a whole new angle.
The historic town also has a number of museums to enjoy. Southwold Museum and historical society focuses on local and natural history with exhibits on everything from neolithic times through the Viking occupation and beyond. The Alfred Corry Lifeboat Museum houses the restored lifeboat that originally served Southwold in 1893 and is well worth a look to see this Treasure of nautical history.
For those who prefer a little more action and adventure, the Southwold Surf School offers surfing lessons with a team of skilled professionals, whatever your skill level. And if you like to keep your feet on dry land, they also offer beach yoga lessons.

And one more thing

You can’t discuss the attractions of Southwold without mentioning Latitude Festival, the annual event held in Henham Park. This festival hosts a wide selection of musical talents but also includes poetry, literature and drama. This well rounded cultural extravaganza is a fantastic treat for young and old alike being an inclusive and child friendly event.
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