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Spalding: Past and present

Although a relatively new town in the Lincolnshire area, Spalding still dates back to the Roman period. Considered a market town, it’s just nineteen miles from the Medusa Juice Vape Shop in Peterborough and a mere twenty-seven miles from their original shop in King’s Lynn. Home to the best e-liquids and Vape accessories in the United Kingdom, why not plan your trip to Spalding around a visit to one or all of the Medusa Juice shops?
Spalding was once a major producer of Salt due to it being a coastal siltland. Although that seems to have ended about mid third century.
In more modern times, the town was renowned for its Spalding Flower Parade which featured the vast amounts of tulips grown there. This ended however in 2013, and now they have a annual Pumpkin Festival. Although Spalding is still known as the Heart Of The Fens and still produces a great deal of Tulip bulbs and flowers in general.

Tulips galore

As part of the Fens, this area was drained in the 1700s along with the rest of the Fen area, although it was built up around the River Welland, and subject to flooding for many years, before the Coronation Channel ended the problem. Spalding is still a very popular place to live and there is a great deal of recreational use of the river for fishing and leisure.
Speaking of leisure, there’s plenty to be had in Spalding. In fact, you can just laze around in a comfy B and B or you can fill your time there with activities of all sorts. There are several notable historical and religious landmarks to visit while there, or you can fill your time with shopping and dining experiences.
Amongst the Landmarks are The Moulton Windmill which is the tallest windmill in the country. It stands 100 feet tall at the top! They have tours as well as a cafe and gift shop on site. The tour is informative and interesting, well worth the time spent there.

Museums and tours

War Memorial Spalding is a befitting tribute to the fallen men and women in the armed forces and situated within the grounds of Ayscoughfee Hall. It’s surrounded by loveliness on all four sides and a it’s a great place to enjoy your favourite e-liquids from Medusa Juice. The peacefulness is a welcome break if you’ve had a hectic day, or just enjoy a bit of quiet time.
Unique Cottage Studios and Cafe is another good place to spend some time. Browse the shop and enjoy the different artwork from both local and other artists and then grab yourself a refreshing drink or slice of cake. I went for both!
In the church department, don’t miss St Mary and St Nicholas Church or St Laurence Church. Both are stunning examples of architecture and dedication.
Spalding is no slouch in the museum field either, they have several and I have listed them here so you can get a head start on planning the perfect trip to the area. Ayscoughfee Hall Museum is a must see and if you’re interested in blacksmithery, I can highly recommend Chain Bridge Forge – A Living Blacksmith Museum. Then we have Pinchbeck Engine Museum where you can get lots of information about and view some of the machines that were used to drain the Fens in the 1700s. One of my favourites was The Museum of Technology – The History of Gadgets and Gizmos. A really fun place if you appreciate this sort of thing and truthfully, there’s something for everyone to enjoy there.

Shopping as an art form

Try to make time to see the Gordon Boswell Romany Museum while in Spalding and it goes without saying that you don’t want to miss the Spalding Bulb Museum. After a day of museums, why not stop into Art Cornucopia and round out the day with this Art Gallery?
If family fun is on the agenda, you’re in luck because Spalding has a host of places for you to enjoy. There’s Alleycatz Bowling, South Holland Centre, a movie theatre. A great time can always be had at Fun Farm Spalding and Fun Art Spot. And then finally, we have Scalextric Racing. So, as you can see, whatever you want your visit to include, there’s plenty of choices available.
Spalding Water Taxi offers a great little tour and offers boat hire as well. The tour lasts about fifty minutes and is very informative.
If finding bargains is important to you, be sure to visit Springfields Outlet Shopping. It’s a factory outlet centre and you can save a great deal of cash on brand name products. I enjoyed visiting Vibes Jewellery as well. Be sure to stop in if you can make the time.
The choices for dining are quite extensive as well, so really the only thing you need worry about is what you crave. Some of the local favourites The Black Horse Inn, The Lincolnshire Poacher, Amici Restaurant, and The Kitchen. But there really are so many to choose from in every budget range that choosing where to go may be your most difficult decision. Some of the nicer but less costly places include Oh My Cod, The Ivy Wall, Turners Fish Restaurant, and then there’s Flinders Fish and Chip takeaway. Of course there’s no reason you can’t try them all if you have the time. So, have fun.

Take your pick

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