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Living it up in St Ives

Formerly known as Snape, St Ives is a Market town located in Huntingdonshire on the shores of the Great River Ouse and between Huntingdon and Ely. St Ives was of great interest to William The Conqueror and so much so that he ordered a census to be taken regularly so that he knew who to collect the taxes he’d imposed from at any given time.
Fortunately, those days of Norman rule are over and now St Ives is a prosperous area with fun and informative things to do and see while there. It’s also a much sought after place to live in the United Kingdom and still maintains a small town mentality.
St Ives has a lovely golf course if you’re looking to play a few rounds you can visit St Ives Golf Club or perhaps you’d enjoy visiting one of the local shops like Through The Looking Glass or Mystique. The

Cruising around

While in town, don’t forget to take a day tour with St Ives Electric Riverboat and cruise your way leisurely down the Great River Ouse. Be sure to take along your favourite Medusa Juice e-liquid and make sure you have a nice warm Medusa Juice hoodie on hand for those chilly evenings or days.
If antiques appeal to you, you might enjoy visiting Hyperion, a local antique shop in St Ives. There’s also a lovely little spa called Transcend Holistics, where you can treat yourself or loved ones to some relaxation and therapy.
All Saints Church or Norris Museum both are worth visiting if you have time and don’t forget to check out the local dining establishments and grab yourself something nice to eat or just to enjoy a warm drink on a cool day or a cold drink on a warm day.

Sit and sip

You might enjoy going to The Cock, Little Acre, The Taproom or Amore. Whatever you fancy, St Ives can accommodate you, regardless of your budget. There’s also several little cafes and places to get something light and refreshing while you enjoy your E-liquids from Medusa Juice, like Pinnies, Hemingford Garden Room or The Grand Piano.
There’s plenty of places for a overnight stay to be found as well. Ranging in prices and amenities, you could try The Dolphin Hotel, The Slepe Hall Hotel and Restaurant or the Golden Lion just to name a few. There’s also Oliver’s Lodge Hotel and within a short distance, you can find some of the bigger chain hotels if you prefer.

Fill the air

If you want to take a trip for a few days or a week, you can always rent one of the local cottages and rental homes within a short distance of the town centre. While on holiday, be sure to make the journey to one of our Medusa Juice locations nearby in King’s Lynn, Peterborough and Norwich. It will be worth the trip and the drive there is scenic, no matter which location you choose.

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