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Stroll through Street

Situated near the River Brue on the Somerset Levels, Street is a large village with historic ties to Glastonbury Abbey, Quakers and the Clarks Shoe Company. The village is surrounded by beautiful countryside and is just two hundred and ten miles from the Medusa Juice Vape Store in Peterborough. As you explore Street you can take a trip to visit the Medusa Juice Vape Store and check out our fantastic selection. You won’t find a better range of e-liquids, not to mention our great vaping accessories and new clothing line. With items being added all the time, as well as new offers and contests, it’s well worth visiting regularly.

History and more

The village was once known as “Lantokay”, a Celtic phrase meaning the sacred enclosure of Saint Kea. By the time of the Norman invasion Street was known as Strate or Lega, derived from “Strata” the Roman word for paved road. Some believe the name comes from the route between Street and Glastonbury that was used to transport blue Lias stone.
There is evidence of Roman occupation around Street with pottery fragments and the remains of Roman villas uncovered on the Southern edge of the village. A Roman Road was also discovered on the floodplain of the River Brue between Glastonbury and Street.
The land around the parish church is the first flood-free ground near the River Brue and likely the first land to be settled. It is believed that a sacred area was built there in the 6th century by Saint Gildas. The Saint is said to have spent time in the area, building a chapel to the Holy Trinity which has been known as St. Gildas’ Church. A 6th century holy man, St Gildas was famous for spreading his sermons condemning some of the kings and clergy of the time.
There have been quarries excavating Blue Lias stone near the village as far back as the 12th century. This geological formation consists of limestone and shale layers laid down between the Triassic and Jurassic eras, around two hundred million years ago.
Blue Lias is a clay like mineral containing many fossils and some of the fossils discovered in Street are on display in the Natural History Museum in London. The stone itself has used in construction for centuries.
The Quakers were present in Street during the 17th century and it was a Quaker family, the Clarks, that founded the Clarks shoe business in the village. Street was already a centre for the production of sheepskin rugs and shoes and C&J Clark established a factory manufacturing these products in vast quantities. The factory has since closed down but the buildings were converted into Clarks Village, the first purpose built factory outlet in the United Kingdom.
Today Street retains a lot of its historic beauty and idyllic surroundings. While admiring the beautiful countryside, historic sights and annual events of Street, be sure to bring your vaping equipment to enjoy your favourite e-liquids. Visit The Medusa Juice Vaping Store in Peterborough and explore our incredible selection of e-liquids to find new delights to add to your own collection. Everything you need can be delivered to your door when you use our convenient online shop, but there is nothing like visiting in person. Be sure to visit regularly to sign up for contests, check out the latest offers and take a look at our new clothing line and great range of vaping accessories.

All about Street

It’s almost impossible to miss Clark’s Village when visiting Street. After manufacturing ended at the site twenty-five years ago, the former factory buildings were converted into the United Kingdom’s first purpose built factory outlet. Today Clarks Village is home to over ninety designer and high street brands with up to 60% off the RRP. In addition to the wide range of stock and a focus on premium items, Clarks Village itself is a stunning setting with award winning landscaped gardens.
Not far from the Clark Village you’ll find The Shoe Museum. The museum houses over a thousand shoes, including Roman and Medieval footwear as well as telling the history of the Clarks shoe company, started by Quaker brothers in 1825.
For more information on local history, take a trip to Somerset Rural Life Museum. Visitors can learn about the county’s heritage with a focus on rural crafts, farming, working life and social history. Built around the 19th century Abbey Farmhouse and featuring a 14th century Abbey Barn, the museum features displays on life in rural communities and much more.
Visit Glastonbury Abbey to discover more about the earliest days of Christianity in Britain. The abbey was built in the 7th century and according to legend the site was originally founded by Joseph of Arimathea and has links to King Arthur. Whatever the truth behind these legends, Glastonbury Abbey has international renown and attracts thousands of visitors from around the world.
Street is surrounded by beautiful countryside with a variety of hiking and cycling trails. Visit the nearby Glastonbury Tor for spectacular views from the top of this historic landmark. Or take a short trip to the RSPB Nature Reserve to enjoy a beautifully maintained wetland teaming with wildlife.
As well as nearby Glastonbury with it’s incredible abbey and other historic buildings, Street is also a short distance from Wells. So you can check out England’s smallest city as well as the remarkable Bishop’s Palace and Gothic Cathedral.

One last thing

The beautiful, historic village of Street boasts a range of traditional pubs and taverns as well as hosting a traditional country market. While enjoying everything that Street and the surrounding area has to offer why not take a trip out to visit the Medusa Juice Vape Shop in Peterborough? Visit regularly either in person or through our online store to make the most of the latest e-liquids as well as great deals and contests. Medusa Juice also has an amazing range of accessories and a new clothing line featuring great t-shirts and hoodies with eye catching designs.

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