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So much to see in Swaffam

Located in the English county of Norfolk, Swaffham is a market town about twelve miles from King’s Lynn, home of the first Medusa Juice Vape shop. Since it’s grand opening several years ago, Medusa Juice has opened two new stores, one in Norwich and one in Peterborough. You can get all of your favourite e-liquids and Vape equipment at any of these locations.
While in the Swaffham area, you might want to see the local landmarks, and why wouldn’t you? The St Peter and St Paul Church is certainly an important part of the local history and the entire Swaffham area is also very well known for its ‘Green’. Point in case, The Green Britain Centre. It’s interesting and informative, but there’s also lots of room for the children in your group to roam and let loose.

Check out the scenery

Antiques are huge in Swaffham and there’s several stores where you can shop for them to your hearts delight. Shabbytatt, The Old School Antiques and The Barn make up the top three. Personally, I love antique stores and they are often every bit as interesting as museums. But don’t forget to stop in to the Swaffham Museum or the Bellarmine Museum to round out your day.
If you’re wanting to do a bit of outdoor activities, you could try Anglia Carting or there is the Swaffham Golf Club. For those of you who enjoy playing golf, pack your clubs and hit the greens.

And then we

If you prefer something a bit more laid back, you could stroll through the town centre and maybe pack a lunch or try one of the local dining establishments. Whatever you decide to do, make sure that you’re well stocked with your Medusa Juice Vapes or put a trip to one of the stores nearby on your to do list. All of them are just a short drive from Swaffham and the two newest Vape shops are stocked and staffed to meet any needs you might have. From e-juices to Vape gear, tanks and so forth, they’ve got you covered. Don’t forget to check out the new line of Medusa Juice clothing too.
For dining or drinks there is quite a lovely selection to choose from. The Station Bar, The Windmill Inn and Rasputin are just a few in the moderately priced range. If you’re looking for something a bit less costly or somewhere to just grab a drink and light snack, you might want to try The Tea Pot Cafe, Mother Hubbards or Peddlars Hall Cafe.
Cocoes and The Market Cross Restaurant serve a lovely breakfast as well, so if you are in town for an overnight stay or longer, try one or both of those.

Get the best tastes around

Vaping is a growing trend and certainly it’s safer than smoking. No matter where you go these days, you’ll see people enjoying this safer and much more fun alternative. Medusa Juice helps to give you the best experience possible with our high quality e-liquids. All of our delicious products are TPD compliant and we are adding new products to our line all of the time. Stop in to the shop in Peterborough, King’s Lynn or Norwich and ask about the latest specials.

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