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Taking stock in Tavistock

The market town of Tavistock is located along the River Tavy in West Devon and is the main town of Dartmoor’s western moor. Tavistock is known for its beautiful architecture and picturesque location and the town is also two hundred and seventy-four miles from the Medusa Juice Vape Shop in Peterborough. Enjoy the town and take a trip out to explore our fantastic selection of e-liquids, not to mention all the accessories you could ever need. I highly recommend visiting the Medusa Juice Vape store regularly to keep up to date with the latest additions as well as our newest deals and offers. And while you’re there, be sure to take a look at our new clothing line.

Lore and history

There are archaeological remains near Tavistock suggesting that there has been a settlement there from as early as the Bronze and Iron age. But the town as we know it today began in the 10th century when Tavistock Abbey was built.
The Abbey of Saint Mary and Saint Rumon was founded in 961 by the Earl of Devon. Danish raiders destroyed the original abbey not long after it was constructed, but it was restored and became an important religious centre.
Tavistock revived a Royal Charter in the 12th century, granting it the right to hold a weekly market. A second charter followed, allowing the town to hold an annual, three day fair to mark the feast of Saint Rumon. These charters marked the town’s growing importance and both practices are still running today.
By the 12th century Tavistock achieved borough status and continued to grow in importance and size. As tin mining in the area became more prominent, Tavistock was appointed one of the four stannary towns, making the town responsible for evaluating the quality of tin produced.
The town prospered and by the 16th century Tavistock was even home to one of the first printing presses in England. The town remained an important centre for trade and religion until the dissolution of the monasteries when the Abbey was destroyed, leaving the ruins that can be seen today.
Famous explored and privateer Sir Francis Drake was born at Crowndale farm outside Tavistock in the 16th century. Today a statue of Sir Francis Drake stands at the western end of Tavistock and his nearby home at Buckland Abbey is now a museum.
The mining of tin, silver and other metals nearby contributed to the success of the town along with the trade of cattle and corn. But by the 17th century tin mining in the region was in decline and Tavistock’s economy started to focus more on the cloth trade.
By the 19th century copper mining became the main industry in town and the Tavistock Canal was built to carry copper to the River Tamar. Soon Tavistock was home to one of the biggest copper mining operations in the world and the town grew rapidly.
Today Tavistock stands as a gateway to the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site. The town attracts tourists from far and wide to admire the beautiful countryside, historic industry and the charming country atmosphere of Tavistock.
As you explore the wonderful market town of Tavistock be sure to bring you vaping equipment so you can enjoy your favourite e-liquids during your visit. The Medusa Juice Vape Store in Peterborough is just a few hours away and offers a huge selection of fantastic e-liquids. Check out the latest additions to our range as well as the best vaping accessories and our amazing new clothing line. Discover the newest offers and contests at our store or take advantage of our website and have everything you need for a great vaping experience delivered to your door.

What’s happening here

There are a variety of natural beauty spots and eye-catching scenery all around you as you explore Tavistock and the Dartmoor National Park. Why not start your visit with a trip to Lydford Gorge, the deepest gorge in the South West and home to a seven story tall waterfall. The gorge, with its wildlife and wildflowers, isn’t the only stunning view as Merrivale Monuments and Bent Tor are both nearby and well worth seeing in person.
Visit Tavistock Museum to discover more about he history of the town and surrounding area. Located in the historic Court Gate, the museum features displays on the local mining industry as well as Tavistock Abbey. Or visit Wheal Betsy Tin Mine to experience a piece of the region’s industrial past in person.
For more historic sights take a trip to nearby Buckland Abbey, a seven hundred year old structure surrounded by meadows, orchards and woodlands. Originally the home of Sir Francis Drake, the Abbey is now a museum where visitors can learn more about Drake and other residents of the Abbey that have helped shape history.
If you’re looking for more adventurous activities then consider canoeing down the River Tamar starting at Cotehele Quay in Tavistock and exploring the beautiful scenery from the water. Or take part in paintball and outdoor laser games with the popular Wargame Company Tavistock for more adrenaline filled action .
Tavistock is also well known for its range of beautiful, independent shops that help make the town different from the typical high street. In addition to the historic pannier market there are a variety of unique stores that are well worth exploring as well as all the great pubs, cafes and restaurants you would expect from this vibrant town.

Before leaving

While taking in the wonderful sights and beautiful scenery Tavistock, be sure to take a trip to the Medusa Juice Vape Shop in Peterborough. Check out the amazing range of e-liquids for all your favourites. Visit one of our stores or the convenient website regularly to take advantage of the latest offers and contests as well as keeping up to date with the newest additions to our selection. Medusa Juice is also the place to go for fantastic vaping accessories and our new clothing line of t-shirts and hoodies with eye-catching designs.

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