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There and here in Thetford

When you’re looking for something new to do in the Thetford area, you will want to add the Vape shop, Medusa Juice, to the list. It’s the premiere place to find all of your e-cigarette, e-liquids and equipment in Norwich, which is just a hop, skip and a jump from Thetford.
Thetford is a Market town between Norwich and London and most notably, was an important tribal centre for the Iceni Tribe. Who knows, while you’re walking the streets and seeing sights in Thetford, you may be traversing the very place that Boudicca gathered the tribes and planned to attack the Romans.


Whether Boudicca’s military campaign was planned there or not, there’s plenty to be interested in and around Thetford. The area is filled with historical and military landmarks as well as museums so if these of are interest to you, make sure you leave plenty of time to see them all. While there, you may want to check out Dad’s Army Museum, Grimes Graves, The Desert Rat Memorial and the Charles Burrell Museum. I highly recommend packing your favourite Medusa Juice e-liquid but if you need more or want to try something different, you can always order online anytime night or day. Of course you can always pop into the Norwich or Peterborough shop or if you want, try King’s Lynn. Be sure to ask about our latest sales and our newest Vape shop specials, whether it be gear, juices or clothing. Medusa Juice always has something exciting to offer.

Try it out

While in Thetford, why not try one of their local dining establishments and follow it up with one of Medusa Juice’s dessert Vapes. Some of the local places to dine include Cheers Restaurant Thetford, The Wellington Feltwell and Brown’s Kitchen. Don’t be surprised if while in Thetford, you find people are enjoying the smoking alternative of Vaping, because it’s the safest choice and with so many wonderful flavours to enjoy, why wouldn’t they?
Don’t forget to stop by the Lynford Stag and Thetford Priory while in town, because no trip there would be complete without seeing those. If you’re looking for something to spice up an evening, you can try Black Horse or The Albion Thetford, where you can find local entertainment. One of my best memories is sitting having an Ale outside and enjoying one of the candy e-juices from the cloud series by Medusa Juice. My personal fave is Grape Vape. So true to life tasting, I keep expecting to have to spit out a seed!

Get there quick!

Go Ape in Thetford means several things, not the least of which is a local water and amusement park for you to enjoy. Take the kids, or go with friends, but go!
You can always find things to do in this area, from the new shops in this market community to the best Vape flavours in the United Kingdom. The only limit to how much fun you can have is your imagination, because if nothing else, Medusa Juice is just a few clicks away and we guarantee you a good time.

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