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Great times in Tintagel

As one of the most visited places in Britain, Tintagel also has the distinction of being steeped in history and or myth regarding King Arthur. Located in the Southwest of England, Tintagel is located in Cornwall and is only a five hour drive from the Medusa Juice Vape Shop in Peterborough. It’s a slightly longer drive to visit either of the other Medusa Juice shops in King’s Lynn or Norwich from there.
Whatever your reason for going to Tintagel, you won’t regret it. The cobbled streets and historically rich atmosphere that welcome you are worth the visit alone. I have been to Tintagel a few times and each time I go, I come away with a pleasant feeling and look forward to returning.
If, like me, you believe in the Geoffrey version of how King Arthur was conceived in the Tintagel Castle, home to Duke Gorlois, you can almost see the people going about their day-to-day lives in the ruins of the Castle. Overlooking the Atlantic, the roughly hewn cliffs are a superb backdrop to the ancient ruins, especially the great hall remains. I have stood gazing out over the ocean as it crashed over the huge stones which lie below for many hours and never tired of it.

Myths, Legends and Mystery

The town centre and surrounding lands give the entire region a feel of not only nostalgia, but of magic and mystery, while providing great little treasures for the tourist. One of my favourite buildings is King Arthur’s Hall and although it wasn’t constructed until the early 1930s, it has a much older feel. Home to shops now, the Masonic symbols can be clearly seen on the building which is said to have housed several bodies of Masons.
The Old Post Office and The Gift House which adjoins it are charming and delightful in their own right, and the fact that the Gift House is also a shelter for women just gives it a greater appeal to me. The Tintagel Vicarage is worth a visit and Trevena Square are also worth a visit and truthfully, just walking casually along the streets in Tintagel, you will find surprising little nooks and crannies which are delightful and provide great photo opportunities.
Near the Tintagel Castle site, you can stay in Tintagel Castle Hotel if you’d like. It’s located high on a hill overlooking both the Castle remains and the ocean. It’s a great place to spend a night or two and you can dine there as well. The menu is fairly diverse and not overly priced.
Tintagel Parish Church or The Church of St Materiana has been Anglican since the reformation. Originally built in Norman times, with some Saxon features from the thirteenth or fifteenth century, such as the tower. The original church which once stood there was probably from around the sixth century and was one of the only churches dedicated to St Materiana.
The area is a great place to explore in general and even more wonderful when you have your favourite Medusa Juice e-liquid on hand. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the huge fluffy clouds of Strawbarb e-liquid float over the cliffs at the Tintagel Castle Hotel and the remains of the Great Hall.

Visitors from around the globe

Tintagel has a lovely visitors centre so if you’re not sure of what there is around to visit, stop in there and let one of their friendly staff help you out. There are a few interesting gift and specialty shops in town and my personal favourite is Silver Stone. They were so friendly there and really had an interesting and eclectic array of wares. You can find something there for everyone in the whole family and I certainly did!
The Tintagel coastline was heavily mined for many years due to it being comprised of so much Devonian Slate. This hard wearing stone made it ideal for roofing shingles and was quarried right up until the mid twentieth century.
Bird lovers and other lovers of nature in general will find much to be appreciated in and around Tintagel. There are countless birds, some of which you will only find in this area and are often sought out by British bird lovers and tourists alike. High on the cliffs or down in the lower parts of the town you can enjoy the countryside and its flora and fauna to your heart’s content.
As I mentioned in the beginning, Tintagel is just one of those places that no matter what time of year or what your interests are, you will have a wonderful experience when visiting. In fact, the entire area around it is delightful and spectacularly scenic as well.

If you have the time

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