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Travel around Truro

Truro has the distinction of being Cornwall’s county town and the only city in the county. The city itself is a bustling commercial and administrative centre and is three hundred and twenty miles from the Medusa Juice Vape Shop in Peterborough. So, you can explore the sights and still have time to visit our store in person. Check out the amazing range of e-liquids as well as vaping accessories and our clothing line. You won’t find a better selection for your money and you can always explore our online store and have everything you need delivered. Be sure to visit regularly to get the most out of our offers, contest and the latest additions to our range of e-liquids.
Some believe that Truro takes its name from the Cornish Tri-Veru which means ‘three rivers’. But others say that it is derived from tre-uro, meaning ‘settlement on the river Uro’. Both names are possible and appropriate for the city’s riverside location.

Facts about the town

Archaeological evidence shows that there was a permanent settlement in the area where Truro stands as early as the 10th century. Castellum De Guelon, the castle at Truro, was built in the 12th century. The castle was not sanctioned by the crown and was one of many unauthorised forts built during The Anarchy and was in ruins by the following century.
Truro’s importance grew over time as it developed into a significant trading centre with a strong fishing industry. The town’s location on the river made it an ideal inland port, distant from the threats faced by coastal harbours. Truro was also important as one of Cornwall’s stannary towns where tin and copper were assessed and stamped after mining. By the 14th century the town had developed significantly, but the black death took its toll on Truro and it was almost a century before the town recovered.
During the Civil War, Truro was Royalist and remained firmly on the side of the crown. A mint was set up in the town and Truro raised a large army to fight for King Charles I. The war ended in favour of the Parliamentarians and Truro was defeated by their forces in 1646 after which the mint was moved to Exeter.
The industrial revolution brought improved mining techniques and an increased demand for tin. Truro’s prosperity grew during this period with businesses and workers being drawn to the town. By the end of the 19th century, Truro had its own iron-smelting works, potteries and tanneries and its connection to the national rail network helped increase its importance as an industrial, trading town.
In 1877 Queen Victoria granted Truro city status and a cathedral was completed in 1910. Today the city is the retail centre of Cornwall with many independent stores and specialty shops along with big name, high-street stores.
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Other things to see

There is something for everyone when visiting Truro, from wonderful landmarks, countryside and beaches to great activities including restaurants, shopping and nightlife. Its almost impossible to pick where to start, so why not begin with the picturesque coastline. Travel three miles to the Northwest and you’ll find yourself at St Agnes Beach, a lovely, unspoilt stretch of coastline. Or head a couple of miles in the opposite direction to discover The Roseland Heritage Coast, an area of outstanding natural beauty recognised for its incredible landscape. Truro also has boat hire and fishing charters for those who want to get out on the waters.
As well as the amazing nearby coastline, Truro is also home to beautiful parks and majestic countryside. Follow one of the hiking and cycling trails or take a walk through Lamorran Wood to explore the natural splendour. Or check out the many parks and gardens like poppy Cottage Garden and Victoria Gardens to experience beautifully sculpted greenery. And if you’d prefer to enjoy the beauty of nature from the comfort of a railway carriage, you can always take advantage of Cornwall’s great scenic railways.
If you want to get to know the history of Truro then be sure to visit The Royal Cornwall Museum in town. The museum has displays on local history as well as artefacts and exhibits from around the world and a great art collection. A fun day out intended to appeal to young and old alike. Or, for a wider look at Truro’s history, pop into the Tourist Office to start a self guided walk around the town’s historic sights.
You’ll find adventurous activities as well as fun games all around Truro. Try your hand at paintballing or riding an ATV with instructors on hand to help whatever your level of experience. Or if you prefer there’s always bowling, puzzle rooms or the Truro Leisure Centre.
As you would expect from a popular tourist destination, Truro is packed with pubs, clubs and restaurants. You’ll find plenty of local treats as well as a selection of food and drink from around the world. The area is also home to breweries that are well worth a visit. Healey’s Cornish Cyder Farm and Skinner’s Brewery both offer great tours focusing on the brewing process.

Afterward, why not try…

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