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Uppingham is a small market town which has the distinction of being the only town in which the market market square is still transformed once a year into the only fatstock show still to be held in temporary penning in a traditional market town. It has been a yearly tradition since the first show in 1889. In these modern times, the event attracts farmers from all over the area who exhibit their prize livestock and toast later their acquaintances afterwards in The Falcon Hotel. If you’re out that way while the fatstock market is on, be sure to stop by and check it out. You can enjoy your favourite Medusa Juices while you’re at it.

There are some lovely shops and places to visit while in Uppingham, including an exceptional art gallery, the Goldmark Gallery. They are home to over 50,000 items and have one of the best pottery collections in the country.

Things Of Interest

Just over one mile to the north-west at Castle Hill, you can find the earthwork remains of a medieval motte and bailey castle. The Church of St Peter and St Paul, Uppingham was largely constructed during the 14th century.
But the town itself, is perhaps best known for the early ministry of Jeremy Taylor. Uppingham Workhouse was first recorded in 1777 with space for forty inmates. Before the year of 1834, it was a parish workhouse, but in 1836 the Uppingham Poor Law Union began, and a new Union workhouse was built on Leicester Road to house 158 people to a design by architect William Donthorne.

During World War I, the building was used as an auxiliary hospital staffed by a Voluntary Aid Detachment. The workhouse was closed in 1929, and taken over by Uppingham School which uses the building as a boarding house for sixty girls, who are called Constables.

Before You Go

If you’re a military history fan, you might be interested to know that the Eyebrook Reservoir near Uppingham was used by Avro Lancasters flying from RAF Scampton as the final practice run for Guy Gibson’s 617 Squadron Dambusters prior to Operation Chastise, the attack on the Ruhr valley Dams on the night of the 16/17 of May 1943.

Uppingham has a few little speciality shops which are excellent diversions on a afternoon and you can grab yourself a drink or bite to eat at one of the small pubs in the town centre or maybe the Exeter Arms. They have a friendly staff and provide a fine collection of ales to choose from so do try to pencil in a visit if possible.

While Uppingham isn’t a large town, there’s plenty of activity going on and with the art galleries, pubs and restaurants as well as the speciality shops found there, you won’t struggle to find a way to occupy your time. However, if you fancy a leisurely drive, why not visit one of the four Medusa Juice Vape Shops? You could easily drive into King’s Lynn and stop in at the kiosk in the bus station there or the very first Medusa Juice located on Lynn Road. If you’re really feeling adventurous, why not hop over to Norwich or Peterborough and take advantage of the latest sales on equipment, clothing and of course, the very best e-liquids ever. Great Products, Great Prices!

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