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Variety in Verwood

The picturesque town of Verwood is located to the north of Bournemouth. Surrounded by rural countryside to the west and coniferous forests to the north and east, the town is also near two tracks of heath which are of Special Scientific Interest. Verwood is just one hundred and seventy-five miles from the Medusa Juice Vape Store in Peterborough. As you explore Verwood you can take a trip to visit the Medusa Juice Vape Store and check out our fantastic selection. You won’t find a better range of e-liquids, not to mention our great vaping accessories and new clothing line. With items being added all the time, as well as new offers and contests, it’s well worth visiting regularly.

History and Beauty

The settlement was originally known as ‘Beau Bois’ which means ‘beautiful wood’ in Norman French. The name is later recorded as ‘Fairwod’, ‘Fayrwod’ and other variations before ultimately becoming Verwood.
Verwood started out as a number of small settlements around the nearby heathland. These communities made their living off of the land and it wasn’t until recently that the town we see today started to develop. Before 1829 Verwood was part of the parish of Cranborne until its own church was built and the town didn’t receive Parochial Status until 1887.
Much of the town’s history is tied to the pottery industry as well as working the heath. Nearby clay and sand deposits gave rise to potteries as well as brick and tile yards and East Dorset pottery, known collectively as Verwood Pottery, thrived because of the ample supply of materials. This manufacturing developed over time as the town became a centre for production and famous for its distinctive, yellow-green glazed pots.
Domestic earthenware was the main product of the area although there have been more unusual pieces from the town’s past. Recently the production has moved toward ornamental and novelty items.
Until a few years ago, pottery from Verwood has been produced manually without aid of machinery. The clay was mixed by being trodden on by foot and the potter’s wheel turned by hand. The kilns were also wood fired and this traditional approach helped distinguish Verwood pottery which was sold across the British Isles and abroad. Today you can visit the Verwood Heathland Heritage Centre to see examples of these Verwood pots.
During World War II Verwood was bombed several times and suffered heavily. Many houses were destroyed and there was one fatality in addition to people injured and made homeless.
In recent years the town has grown rapidly but it still retains a lot of the traditional charm that makes it a great place to visit. In the last century Verwood began hosting annual events that include the Verwood Carnival on Spring Bank Holiday Monday, the Rustic Fayer in August and the Flameburst fireworks and entertainments in October.
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Places and People

If you’re looking for arts and theatre try starting your visit at the Verwood HUB. In addition to containing the town’s leisure centre and a bistro, this venue is home to a cinema and theatre with regular live shows. Or take a tour of The Verwood Heritage Centre which includes a preserved and restored pottery workshop and displays focussing on the history of local Dorset crafts.
Just outside of town you’ll discover Dorset Heavy Horse Farm Park, an award winning attraction and conservation centre. Learn about the history of heavy horses and enjoy horse wagon and pony rides as well as lessons on grooming and pet handling among other activities.
Verwood is surrounded by picturesque countryside and great walking trails. Moors Valley Country Park is just a couple of miles out of town and is home to amazing views, a model steam railway, crafting activities and there’s even a restaurant on site. You’ll also find Go Ape! at Moore Valley, if you’re looking for a little more adventure in this wonderful woodland setting. The outdoor activity centre includes rope courses, Tarzan swings and zip wires that are fun for ages ten and over.
Visitors to Verwood might be able to check out some of the town’s annual events depending on what time of year they visit. Verwood Carnival takes place on Spring Bank Holiday Monday and features a procession of walking displays and floats including live music, brass bands and the carnival queen and princesses. The Carnival supports local charities and also features a fairground with stalls, games and activities.
Verwood Rotary Club run the Rustic Fayer which is held every year in August. The event has a wide range of activities for all ages such as interactive circus skills and a pets contest as well as a classic vehicle display. And if you visit in October you’ll be able to witness Flameburst, a family friendly, lakeside fireworks display. Flameburst attracts thousands of visitors and also includes stage performers and street entertainers.

Whoa, before you go

The beautiful and historic town of Verwood is surrounded by beautiful countryside and boasts a range of traditional pubs and taverns. While enjoying everything that Verwood has to offer why not take a trip out to visit the Medusa Juice Vape Shop in Peterborough? Visit regularly either in person or through our online store to make the most of the latest e-liquids as well as great deals and contests. Medusa Juice also has an amazing range of accessories and a clothing line featuring great t-shirts and hoodies with eye catching designs.

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