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When in Watton

Watton is a market town about twenty-five miles west of Norwich. It’s only a short drive from the new Medusa Juice store located at 69 Dereham Road. Watton is in the district of Breckland, in the English county, Norfolk. They still have a market there every Wednesday where you can buy fresh sea produce and often you can find samphire and freshwater crayfish.
Watton was home to a large RAF airfield for many years. After the second world war, and later, other changes, it was used as a Transport Command centre and later still, a radar station. Most of the airfield has been turned back to agricultural ground now. A great deal of the station has been developed into the Blenheim Grange housing estate, while a portion of the old military land was used for Wayland Prison.
Every year, Wayland Show draws huge crowds to see the agricultural event that’s taken place here for over 140 years. There are livestock displays, equestrian events, falconry, classic cars shows and horse and carriage rides amongst the other features of the show. If you have a chance to visit Watton during the first Sunday in August, be sure to add this to your list of things to see while there.

Whiling away the hours

Other things you can take in while in Watton are Melsop Farm Park, which is a family run venue where you can go to see all sorts of animals and such things like sheep being sheared, lambs being born and the like. They have a small cafeteria where you can get a warm or cold drink, a sandwich, piece of pie or something else to eat while there. Melsop park has both an indoor and outdoor play area, so it’s ideal for children of all ages.
There’s a full time gym open in Watton, Full Fitness Gym, and they have attractive membership packages and yes, guest passes are available. If keeping fit is on your schedule, this is certainly somewhere you won’t want to miss out on.
If antiques appeal to you, be sure to check out Carson and Draper and Watton Antiques and Collectibles Centre. Both specialize in antiques from both local and worldwide areas. The staff at both places seemed to be quite knowledgeable and friendly, so it’s worth a look if you have time to stop by one or both.

Get loaded on History

In the historical department, Watton can offer you the Watton Clock Tower and Southburn Archaeological Museum. One thing I can highly recommend seeing at the museum is the Iron Age East Yorkshire exhibit. You will find a fine display of several kinds of weapons, including swords, daggers and axes.
There’s also a lovely art gallery, The Dragonfly Gallery, where you can see exhibits by local artists and guest artists all year round. There is also craft ideas, displays and sales going on, so be sure to attend those if you have the chance.
Of course there’s plenty of chances to enjoy one of the great tasting Vapes from the Medusa Juice signature range and if you are up for a nice drive, head on over to the store in Norwich or Peterborough or even King’s Lynn. There’s always great competitions going on and you can win some really wonderful and new equipment or pick up a deal on a group of e-liquids. They’re adding to their expansive range all of the time so you will want to check it out as often as possible. Of course if you can’t get there in person, be sure to check out the website or look them up on Facebook. It’s worth the few minutes it takes, I can assure you. They have a new clothing range that’s sharp and nearly as fresh as the juices you can buy and enjoy there, or back at your lodgings in the Watton area.

What else is there?

Speaking of lodgings and while we’re at it, places to grab a bite to eat, Watton has some very fine choices available. Everything from take-away with pizza and such to a Subway for quick and easy, to fine dining and pubs. The choice is really up to you and they have something to suit every budget.
Some of the more noteworthy places to dine are Waggon and Horses, The Willow House, The Old Bell, Little Gary’s Place and Babaco. If you are staying in town, you can get a room and food at Hare and Barrel.
There’s also fish and chips to be had, as you might expect and one of the best there for that is Express Fish Bar. There’s also a lovely luncheon place called Home Baking and they are always a good value. For pure pub flavour, try Kings Arms.

Get yourself a deal

If you’re looking for some fun things to do and see in the East Anglia area, Watton is a good bet. An interesting little place where you can learn about the local history, visit the market where people have sold and bought goods for well over 140 years and soak up the culture all while enjoying your favourite Medusa Juice Vapes. We’re just a short drive away from anywhere in the area and you can order anytime online, seven days a week.

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