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What to do and see in Wellington

The town of Wellington is located in rural Somerset, north of the Blackdown Hills and near the border with Devon. Wellington has historic connections to the wool trade which remains prominent in the town. There are a number of attractions and sites of interest nearby and the town is just two hundred and eighteen miles from the Medusa Juice Vape Shop in Peterborough. It is well worth taking a trip out to visit the store in person or making use of our convenient online store. Stock up on your favourite e-liquids as well as checking out the newest deals, contests and additions to our incredible range. And while you’re there, take a look at the our new clothing line and selection of vaping accessories for more great offers.

All about Wellington

Wellington was first known as “Weolingtun” which means “Wealthy estate” although some believe the name originally means “the settlement in the temple clearing”.
The area around the town has been home to settlements as far back as the Bronze Age. The history of Wellington itself goes back a thousand years. The earliest record of the town comes from the 9th century when the land was granted to Bishop Lydeard and Bishop Asser by the King of Saxon England.
The town is also recorded in the Domesday Book as a large rural settlement with over a hundred farmers and smallholders. And in the 13th century Wellington received a royal charter granting it status as a town.
Wellington’s location on the route between Bristol and Exeter helped the town grow and become a trading centre. In the 16th century Wellington was sold to Edward Seymour, the first Duke of Somerset who was enjoying great success as Lord Protector of the Realm. But the town returned to the control of the bishops after Seymour’s fall from grace.
Apley Castle to the north of Wellington was where King Charles I attempted to rally the country to his cause at the start of the English Civil War. Wellington House, a stately mansion owned by John Popham, was destroyed in the Civil War after it was captured by Parliamentarian forces who proceeded to fight the Royalist troops who came to remove them.
Much of the town was rebuilt after a major fire in the 18th century but the town continued to grow, becoming an important centre for cloth making. Fox Brothers, the official creators of flannel, have been producing fabric in Wellington since 1772 and continue to do so to this day.
Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of Wellington took his name from the town. A fifty meter stone obelisk, the Wellington Monument, was constructed on nearby Wellington Hill to celebrate the Duke’s victory at the Battle of Waterloo.
The construction of the Grand Western Canal and the Bristol and Exeter Railway in the 19th century helped improve the towns trade and industry. Today woollen cloth remains Wellington’s main industry.
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History and more

Wellington has a variety of historic sites and nearby attractions to enjoy. And in addition to great pubs and independent shops it is also developing a reputation as a food town. Celebrating and promoting the connection between local farms, restaurants and food outlets, as well as hosting an annual food and drinks festival. This award winning event is held in the heart of the town and showcases the best of Somerset food and drink.
It’s hard to miss the Wellington Monument as this one hundred and seventy-five feet tall landmark on the Blackdown Hills is visible for miles around. The monument was built in the 19th century in honour of Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of Wellington who took his name from the town.
To learn more about the region’s history visit Wellington Museum in town or the Museum of Somerset in nearby Taunton. Wellington Museum focuses on the town’s agricultural and industrial past. And the Museum of Somerset lies within a 12th century castle and explores the county’s story from prehistoric times to the present day.
Take a stroll around the award winning Wellington Park to enjoy the tranquil beauty of this late Victorian masterpiece. The park is a site of special historic interest and is just one of the many green spaces nearby which includes Cothay Manor, Hestercombe Gardens and Fyne Court.
There are also a variety of fun activities in and around Wellington for visitors to enjoy. In addition to a variety of children’s soft play centres there is also a trampoline park in town for young and old alike. Or visit the Vivary Centre for a range of outdoor activities or try clay pigeon shooting at Ling Shooting. And if you’d like to experience the beautiful countryside from a different perspective then book a champagne balloon flight from Aerosaurus Balloons.
Wellington also boasts a wide selection of independent shops that give the town a unique and eclectic retail experience. You’ll find fashion and shoe stores as well as traditional ironmongers and a monthly farmers market to explore. All this in addition to the great pubs and cafes as well as the local, art deco cinema.

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