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Digging deep in Wells

The picturesque cathedral city of Wells can be found in Somerset on the edge of the Mendip Hills. Known as England’s smallest city, Wells has enjoyed city status since the medieval period and is just one hundred and eighty miles from the Medusa Juice Vape Shop in Peterborough. So, you’re just a few hours away from our amazing selection of e-liquids. And be sure to take a look at the vaping accessories as well as our new clothing line for more great deals. Visit a Medusa Juice Vape Store or our convenient website regularly to keep up to date with the latest offers, contests and additions to our collection.

History and lore

Wells was originally a Roman settlement and developed into an important religious centre during the Anglo-Saxon period. King Ine of Wessex founded a minster church at the settlement in the 8th century which became the seat of the bishopric of Wells two hundred years later.
After the Norman Conquest, Wells was recorded in the Domesday Book as four manors rather than a single town. Wells had a prominent cloth making industry and continued to develop as a trading centre and received the right to hold markets in the 12th century. The town was also recognised as a free borough by a royal charter in 1201.
Wells Cathedral is the most prominent building in the city and was constructed between 1175 and 1490. This Gothic structure replaced the earlier church on the same site and the nearby Bishop’s Palace was completed in the 13th century.
The cathedral was damaged during the English Civil War after the Siege of Wells when the Royalist held city was surrounded by Parliamentarian forces. The roundheads under Colonel William Strode besieged the city with over two thousand soldiers who eventually forced the Royalists out of Wells.
The cathedral was again damaged during the Monmouth Rebellion when the Duke of Monmouth and his followers tried to overthrow King James II. Rebel forces attacked Wells Cathedral, breaking windows and smashing the organ as part of their campaign against the church and crown. After the rebellion was over, five hundred men were tried for treason in the city with most of them sentenced to death.
While the cloth making industry declined in Wells during the 17th century, the city remained a trading centre. In the Victorian era Wells was connected to the rail network and hosted the largest cheese market in the west of England.
During World War II a prisoner of war camp was built at Stoberry park in Wells housing Italian soldiers.
Today Wells is a popular tourist destination, with visitors drawn to the city’s beautiful scenery, historic sites and its proximity to nearby attractions. Visitors will probably recognise much of the eye-catching scenery around Wells from the city’s many appearances in television and movies. Wells has featured in The Canterbury Tales, The Gathering and Hot Fuzz as well as Jack the Giant Slayer, Doctor Who and many more.
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About the town

It’s impossible to miss the remarkable Wells Cathedral when visiting this small city as this gothic structure from the medieval period dominates the skyline. Tour the award winning attraction to discover the oldest Gothic cathedral in England as well as one of only four chained libraries in the country. And while you’re there don’t miss the Bishop’s Palace with it’s beautiful gardens and stunning medieval architecture.
Explore the city’s remarkable history at the Wells and Mendip Museum located near the cathedral. The museum itself was founded over a hundred years ago and includes a nine hundred year old archive as well as a variety of displays telling the story of the area and its inhabitants.
Wells is also home to a number of art galleries where visitors can check out the works of local and national artists. The A2 Gallery boasts a wide selection of paintings, sculptures, ceramics and more. While the Somerset Guild of Craftsmen showcases the county’s artists and features a range of diverse work including pottery, metalwork and textiles.
The famous Wookey Hole Caves are within walking distance of the city and boast over twenty great attractions. Tour the remarkable caves and tunnels that have been featured in numerous films and television shows as well as exploring the mirror maze, museums, arcades and many more fun and educational activities.
The historic and picturesque city is also surrounded by stunning countryside with miles of beautiful walking and cycling trails. Visit one of the nearby beauty spots like The Chalice Well or Milton Lodge Gardens. Or explore the wonderful Kilver Court Gardens which features a hundred meter herbaceous border, formal parterre and subtropical island as well as a breathtaking Victorian viaduct.
Take a short tip out to enjoy the spectacular views from the top of nearby Glastonbury Tor which features a grade I listed building, St. Michael’s Tower, at its summit. Or visit Glastonbury Abbey to discover the ruins of this 7th century monastery which legend says is home to King Arthur and Queen Guinevere’s tomb.

One more time before you go

The beautiful scenery and historic charm of this small city make Wells a popular place to visit. While you’re enjoying everything that Wells has to offer, take a trip out to the Medusa Juice Vape Shop in Peterborough. Explore the fantastic selection of e-liquids and take the opportunity to sign up for the latest competitions. You won’t find a better range of e-liquids with new treats being added all the time. And check out our new clothing range for a selection of t-shirts and hoodies with great designs.

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