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When in Western-super-Mare

The famous seaside resort town of Weston-super-Mare is located on the Bristol Channel in Somerset. The town is a very popular tourist destination and is also just one hundred and ninety miles from the Medusa Juice Vape Shop in Peterborough, so you can take a trip out to enjoy our fantastic selection of e-liquids, not to mention all the accessories you could ever need. I highly recommend visiting the Medusa Juice Vape store regularly to keep up to date with the latest additions as well as our newest deals and offers. And while you’re there, be sure to take a look at our new clothing line.

Historical and local facts

The history of Weston-super-Mare stretches back thousands of years. Worlebury Camp was an Iron Age hill fort to the north of the town where archaeologists have uncovered a number of ancient artefacts and Roman Coins. Weston-super-Mare’s names come from the Anglo-Saxon ‘Weston’ and the latin phrase ‘super mare’ which translates as “west settlement above the sea”. And before the 14th century the town was known as Weston-juxta-Mare, or “Weston beside the sea”.
One of the oldest surviving buildings in town is The Old Thatched Cottage restaurant. This seafront cottage was built in the 18th century as a summer home for the Reverend William Leeves of Wrington. The Reverend wasn’t the first or last person to choose Weston-super-Mare as a place to enjoy summer.
Up until the 19th century Weston-super-Mare remained a small village. It wasn’t until the Victorian era and the sudden demand for seaside holidays that the town began to grow rapidly as Victorians flocked to the coast each summer to enjoy the waters. The picturesque village of Weston-super-Mare, located near to Bristol, Bath and South Wales, was a popular destination with many attractions nearby.
The first hotel in the village was built in 1808 and an artificial harbour was added in the 1820s. But Weston boomed after 1841 when the first railway station open, allowing thousands of visitors from far and wide to visit.
As the town grew new amusements and facilities were built to meet the needs of the increasing number of tourists. Arcades and rides were constructed as well as tea rooms and even a photographic studio. The Grand Pier was opened in 1904 and the Winter Gardens Pavilion was added in 1927 giving the town its distinctive mix of Victorian and Art Deco architecture.
Weston-super-Mare has been home to many notable people over the years. Isambard Kingdom Brunel and his family lived in the town during the Victorian era. The town was also home to John Cleese and the comedian and actor Bob hope lived there as a child.
The town was home to evacuees during World War II and United States Army troops in the build up to D-Day. But large parts of the town were destroyed by repeated bombings from the Luftwaffe. Today Weston-super-Mare remains a popular tourist destination with a variety of great attractions to please visitors.
As you explore the wonderful seaside resort of Weston-super-Mare be sure to bring you vaping equipment so you can enjoy your favourite e-liquids during your visit. The Medusa Juice Vape Store in Peterborough is just a few hours away and offers a huge selection of fantastic e-liquids. Check out the latest additions to our amazing range as well as the best vaping accessories and our new clothing line. Discover the newest offers and contests at our store or take advantage of our website and have everything you need for a great vaping experience delivered to your door.

What to do and see

Weston-super-Mare prides itself on having something for everyone. Whatever your age or interests you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in the town or surrounding areas. A great place to start is the seafront and beach that made Weston-super-Mare a popular tourist destination in the first place.
Whether you’re looking for traditional seaside activities or something more adventurous Weston-super-Mare has you covered.
The Grand Pier is on of the town’s most well known attractions. The pier offers spectacular views, attractions and rides such as go karts and a ghost train as well as arcade games. And it even hosts events throughout the season in addition to being a great place to grab a bite to eat.
Weston-super-Mare and the surrounding area is also home to a variety of amusement parks and water parks that are fun for all ages. The Water Adventure Park, an adventure playground for children and families, includes soft play area as well as wooden play structures and splash pad.
The town is also home to dozens of parks and gardens if you’re looking to enjoy tranquil green spaces. And nearby you’ll find a variety of nature reserves and National Trust sites, so you can escape to the country and enjoy some spectacular scenery. And if you’re looking for games and activities then Weston-super-Mare has plenty to offer including go karting, laser tag and mini-golf.
Weston-super-Mare also hosts annual events and fairs throughout the year and as you’d expect from such a popular seaside resort, the town has its fair share of nightlife. Have a meal at one of the seafront restaurants or enjoy live entertainment at many of the bars and hotels.

And one more thing to remember

While taking in the wonderful sights, beautiful scenery and great amusements of Weston-super-Mare, be sure to take a trip to the Medusa Juice Vape Shop in Peterborough. Check out the amazing range of e-liquids for all your favourites. Visit one of our stores or the convenient website regularly to take advantage of the latest offers and contests as well as keeping up to date with the newest additions to our selection. Medusa Juice is also the place to go for fantastic vaping accessories and our new clothing line of t-shirts and hoodies with eye-catching designs.

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