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Wandering around Weymouth

The seaside town of Weymouth is located on a sheltered bay at the mouth of the River Wey. Halfway along the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site, Weymouth is a picturesque harbour and popular tourist destination. The town is also two hundred and ten miles from the Medusa Juice Vape Shop in Peterborough. So, while you visit this great town, you’re just a few hours away from checking out our amazing selection of e-liquids. And be sure to take a look at the vaping accessories as well as our new clothing line for more great deals. I highly recommend visiting us online or coming to one of the Medusa Juice Vape Shops regularly to keep up to date with the latest offers, contests and additions to our collection.

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As the town’s location along the Jurassic Coast implies, the area around Weymouth is filled with history. The settlement itself became prominent in the 13th century and Weymouth had developed into a successful seaport and received its Royal Charter by the year 1252.
The district of Melcombe Regis, which is now a part of Weymouth, developed separately along the peninsula to the north of Weymouth Harbour. The towns were originally rivals, but by the 16th century they were united as a double borough. When the Black Death devastated Europe, Melcombe Regis is believed to be the port where the disease first reached England.
Artillery fortifications were built along the Devon Coast by King Henry VIII to protect the region from invasion by the French and the Holy Roman Empire. Sandsfoot Castle and Portland Castle were constructed near Weymouth and both were still in use during World War II.
In the English Civil War, Portland Castle was held by Parliamentarian forces but they lost control of the castle to a Royalist group pretending to be Parliamentary soldiers. In 1644 Parliamentarians regained control of the fort when the war turned against the King’s forces.
Stone quarried from Portland Island, just of the coast of Weymouth, was used in the construction of many historically significant buildings. St Paul’s Cathedral was built from Portland stone in the 17th century and the stone is also used in Buckingham Palace and the United Nations Headquarters in New York.
By the 18th century Weymouth was already developing into one of the country’s first modern tourist destinations. The Duke of Gloucester built a grand residence in the town and King George III made Weymouth his summer holiday residence several times toward the end of the century.
Many of the shops, hotels and guest houses that make up Weymouth’s Esplanade were constructed during the Georgian and Regency periods. These buildings emerged as the town became a popular tourist location and they help give Weymouth its distinctive appearance and character. The town’s popularity among visitors continued to grow after it was connected to the rail network and it remains a bustling centre for tourism today.
While you admire the historic buildings and the grand statues lining the town’s Esplanade be sure to bring your vaping gear. Enjoy your favourite e-liquids as you explore all that Weymouth and neighbouring Portland have to offer. Top up your supplies at the Medusa Juice Vape Shop in Peterborough, our store is just a few hours away or you can use our convenient website and have everything you need for a great vaping experience delivered to your door. While visiting our store, explore the amazing selection of e-liquids as well as vaping accessories and our new clothing line.

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Weymouth and Portland have a whole host of attractions including great beaches, beautiful countryside, historic sights and a range of fun activities. But as the town is located in the heart of the Jurassic Coast, this stretch of coastline is a great place to start. Follow the South West Coastal Path to experience the rock formations and fossils from the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous Periods. If you prefer you can take a Jurassic Safari and get a guided tour of the coast from the comfort of a Jeep. Or the more adventurous can take to the waters for a Jurassic Jet Ski Tour.
Visit the beach at Weymouth to enjoy three miles of golden sands that are perfect for relaxing and taking in the sunshine. The beach has classic entertainments like donkey rides and Punch and Judy shows as well as arcades and the award winning Sandworld sand sculpture area. And if you’re looking for something more active then there are a variety of water-sports and other activities to take part in. Experience the coastline on a boat tour or try your hand at snorkelling or scuba diving at the Old Harbour Dive Centre.
If you’re looking for historic landmarks then take a trip to Nothe Fort or Sandsfoot Castle. Explore these coastal defences and enjoy the tearooms for a great day out. To learn more about local history visit Weymouth Museum which is home to artefacts and displays on everything from Roman times to the present day.
Visitors will find mini golf, a waterpark, escape rooms and children’s soft play areas among the many activities to try in and around Weymouth. But in addition to the fun and games, the town is also home to all the beautiful green spaces, great nightlife and shopping you would expect from a bustling tourist destination. Weymouth is packed with dozens of inns, pubs and clubs as well as big name high street stores as well as a variety of independent boutiques.

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The Georgian buildings, incredible coastline and friendly atmosphere make Weymouth a popular tourist destination with plenty to keep visitors entertained. While you’re enjoying everything that the town has to offer, take a trip out to the Medusa Juice Vape Shop in Peterborough. Explore the fantastic selection of e-liquids and take the opportunity to sign up for the latest competitions. You won’t find a better range of e-liquids with new treats being added all the time. And check out our new clothing range for a selection of t-shirts and hoodies with great designs.

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